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Mystery Swimmer


Ok….So no one was able identify the mystery swimmer. Here is who she is: I took this photo of her  when she was training for the 1996 Olympics at the Pine Island Pool in Davie Florida

Kristina Egerszegi, 26, a five-time Olympic gold medalist and one of the most successful women swimmers of all time, became a mom last July 27, giving birth to a son, Balint

Kristina retired after the 1996 Olympics, where she won the 200 meter backstroke for the third straight time. Only one other swimmer-Australia’s Dawn Fraser-has won the same event in three straight Olympiads.

“I needed to be away from swimming for a while,” she said, “because I never had time for anything else. I started swimming when I was 4 and never had a break. It was my life, I loved it very much, but after Atlanta I felt that the time had come to do something else.”

She opened her own restaurant in a suburb of Budapest, which became a very popular place since she was (and she still is) Hungary’s best-known sports personality. In the meantime Kristina started to work for the Hungarian pharmaceutical giant Pharmavit, the company that was her main supporter during her swimmer years. She also went to business school and spent her time building her business career. And she also got married to Adam Vigassy, 28, who manages his own “survival-camp” company. Today, Kristina is a full-time mother. “Balint sleeps very well at nights, but needs full attention at daylight,” she said. “I am so excited about being a mother now, words just cannot express how happy he has made me.”

When asked about the future, Kristina just smiled and said that her family would always remain her first priority, with business taking a back seat. She does plan, however, to open her own swimming school in the near future.

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