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Plainview High School Swim Team……

Plainview High School Swim Team….One the the nations best high school swim programs if it’s time, led by Coach Charlie Schlegal. Back in the 1970’s and 80’s this was the premier swim teams of high school swimming. I was fortunate to have all five of my children to be on this team and to be coached by such a great swim coach. I was also fortunate to work under Coach Schlegal as his JV Coach. Recently thanks to facebook, I was in contact with some of my old swimmers and it brought back some very fond memories….So, if any Plainview High swimmers are reading my blog….I would love to hear from you with some old stories about Charlie….Thanks Coach Pete


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  1. Hey Pete

    What about the 60’s?

    We had ten All Americans on my team of fifteen from 64-67, went undefeated in two hundred meets
    and were the Eastern and state Champs every year.

    Also, the class of ’67 produced two MD’s and four Ph.D.’s.
    Charlie gave us the discipline and mental toughness to succeed.

    Charlie always knew when were were out late at night partying.Our parents would get phone calls at 6 AM Sunday morning telling them to have us at the pool by 7 or we would be suspended from the team.

    When we arrived we discovered that the pool was extra warm and we had to do sprints for an hour to get the “toxins” out of our system.

    Michael O’Keefe, Ph.D ’67

    Comment by Michael O'Keefe | January 8, 2010 | Reply

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