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Industry News: Speedo Unveils Team USA LZR Racer — June 26, 2008


LOS ANGELES, California, June 26. SPEEDO, the world’s leading swimwear brand, today unveiled the special Olympic edition Team USA LZR RACER suit. Speedo worked with legendary design house Comme des Garcons to develop a one-of-kind look for Team USA featuring the red, white and blue of the American flag.


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Psych Sheet for the Olympic Trials…Check out where our friend Gary Hall is seated

Event 21 Men 50 LC Meter Freestyle
World: 21.28 3/28/2008 Eamon Sullivan, AUS
American: 21.76 8/15/2000 Gary Hall Jr., Phoenix
U.S. Open: 21.76 8/15/2000 Gary Hall Jr., Phoenix
Meet: 21.76 8/15/2000 Gary Hall Jr., Phoenix
Trials Cut: 23.49
Name Age Team Seed Time
1 Wildman-Tobriner, Ben 23 Stanford Swimmin-PC 21.80
2 Jones, Cullen 24 Mecklenburg Aqua-NC/NC 21:82
Weber-Gale, Garrett 22 Longhorn Aquatic-ST 21.93
4 Brunelli, Nick 26 Sun Devil Aquati-AZ 22.01
5 Grevers, Matt 23 Tucson Ford Deal-AZ 22.01
6 Adrian, Nathan 19 Unattached-PN 22.01
7 Hall, Gary 33 Unattached-FG 22.20
8 Lezak, Jason 32 Rose Bowl Aquati-CA 22.22
9 Goodrich, Scott 21 Arizona Swimming-AZ 22.39
10 Woodward, Gabe 28 Bakersfield Swim-CC 22.49
11 Walker, Neil 32 Longhorn Aquatic-ST 22.49
12 Lundquist, Bryan 23 Stingrays-GA/Auburn 22.58
13 Righi, Alex 21 OMNI-CT/YALE 22.70
14 McGinnis, Matt 22 Longhorn Aquatic-ST/UT/YO2T2.70
15 Whittington, Joe 21 Bakersfield Swim-CC 22.74
16 McCracken, Scott 23 Team Yes!Aquatic-GU 22.76

There are 105 qualifiers for this event, the above list only the top 16



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Good Reading

Mark Spitz: The Extraordinary Life of an Olympic Champion

Available July 1. This is the first authorized biography of Olympic legend Mark Spitz, who won seven gold medals in the 1972 Games. The book follows Spitz’s rollercoaster career, from his years as an age group prodigy in California to four years as an NCAA standout at Indiana University to his Olympic career and the lucrative endorsements that followed.

Old and new fans of Spitz will appreciate the depth and detail in this incredible story, written by Richard Foster, the president of United States Aquatic Sports.

The book contains recollections from Spitz, his coaches and competitors, including three-time Olympian Gary Hall, coach Sherm Chavoor and rival Doug Russell.

Author: Richard Foster



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Working on Technique

great Arms

With only a short time to Sectionals  and JO’s…Take a good look at this photo and ask yourself, “Is this what my stroke looks like?” …It’s time to really get into proper technique, don’t just plow through the water. Keep your strokes LONG, STRONG and FINISH….Remember tapering for the meet does not mean to  taking it easy. Tapering means to work on all of the little things that add up to a great race…Be focused, be intense, be smart!

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weston sweimmers 034


Only 30 days until the FGC Long Course Junior Olympic Championship  Plantation – July 24-27, 2008

How hard are you



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This Post Goes out to all my Cycling Buddies in South Florida

Today I watched my first ever mountain road race. It was the Rist Canyon Road Race in Fort Collins Colorado. It was the kick off for Bike week in Fort Collins. It started out on Friday night with a family ride through historic Old Fort Collins followed by a concert in the pedestrian mall. Then on Saturday they conducted a series of citizen races up to the top of Horsetooth Reservoir. The big race was today, this race was for different classes of pro riders. The race included an 18.5 mile climb of 4,000 feet, it was awesome to see great athletes perform on this mountain. I would love to see some of you guys up here on these hills…..Just kidding! I thought you might enjoy some of the photos….We were on the side of the road with our cow bells ala Tour de France  enjoying the early morning in the mountains, it was a great weekend……So long for now and keep on pedaling.

Rist Canyon Road Race 003  Rist Canyon Road Race 010

The start of the 18.5 mile climb                       Halfway up to the top

Rist Canyon Road Race 046

My Grandson Noah Cheering them on!

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The Mental Side of Training


  It’s No Joke When You Choke! Many swimmers perform their best in training, but choke at meets. Choking is a decrease in performance due to too much perceived stress. Ultimately it’s not the external situation, like having to swim a certain race or having to swim against a certain somebody, that causes stress but the way swimmers think about the situation that leads to thoughts of stress, anxiety, and fear. Swimmers who tend to choke need to understand they can control the thoughts they have relative to the event. Following are some tips that could make choking a thing of the past:
Before the Race:
Understand that pre-race jitters are normal and accept them
Don’t fight the nervous energy you feel
If you feel an adrenaline rush before racing, understand that it’s normal and part of your body’s way of preparing for the race
Prior to the race breathe easy, close your eyes, and visualize yourself racing according to plan
Keep your race plan simple with one or two key focus points
During the Race:
Focus on the challenge at hand rather than the outcome
Stay present in the moment and avoid thinking too far ahead
If your mind goes negative focus only on your breathing or try a quick smile, both have the potential to turn a negative situation into a positive one
After the Race:
Review the race and recall the things you did well
Focus on the actions, thoughts, and behaviors that enhanced your performance
Acknowledge things that could have been better, dismiss them for today, and improve them tomorrow
Remember you avoid choking if you are aware of the pattern of negative thoughts that snowball before and during competition. If you find yourself in a downward spiral, simply acknowledge those thoughts and let them go.

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On the Road to Beijing…Hall is still there

In the final burst of competition at the Mutual of Omaha Swimvitational, Gary Hall Jr., the 10-time Olympic medalist, once again signaled that he is — like the midwestern weather — a force with which to be reckoned. In the men’s 50m sprint, Nathan Adrian, a 19-year-old taking time off from the University of California to train with Hall in South Florida, touched first in 22.01 seconds. But Hall, now 33, came in second, in 22.20, “my best time in a while,” he declared. South African Roland Schoeman, the bronze medalist in the 50m free at the 2004 Athens Olympics, finished third, in 22.23.

Sprinter Gary Hall Jr. has won 10 Olympic medals. He raced in Omaha Sunday and posted the second-best 50m time among his peers competing at meets around the United States.


Sprinter Gary Hall Jr. has won 10 Olympic medals. He raced in Omaha Sunday and posted the second-best 50m time among his peers competing at meets around the United States.

Gary Hall Jr. isn’t ready to pass the torch, but he’ll gladly tell you that Nathan Adrian is next in line to assume the title of fastest American in the 50-meter freestyle.

“He’s the kid. He’s the one to watch,” Hall said. “He’s just going to continue to improve. He’s the whole package. Some people have the mental aspect. He’s got the strength, the feel, the technique and a good head on his shoulders.”

If Hall makes it through trials, he likes his chances of successfully defending his title in Beijing.

“I feel all right, especially after tonight,” Hall said. “These are world-class swimmers you’re going to see in the finals of the Olympic Games. I’ve beaten a lot of them. That’s something to feel good about at this advanced stage.”

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Only 30 days until the Speedo Champions Series – Southern Zone – South Sectional Championship – Fort Lauderdale – July 17-20, 2008 ………..Only 37 days until the FGC Long Course Junior Olympic Championship – Plantation – July 24-27, 2008

TWA3 016

So how do we prepare mentally for these big meets….How do we increase our intensity at workouts…How do we focus on on technique….all of these problems can be overcome by “self talk”. Self Talk can help you when when your tired, it can help you when you feel that you just can’t get that turn right, it can help you encourage yourself and team mates to try just a little bit harder…Why not give it a try, think about things in a positive manner, feel good about what you do! then share it with others it can be contagious. Before you know it others in your lane will be using Self Talk too!

One of the things to ask yourself in these self talk trips is: “Why practice wrong” – “Practice Right”…Say to yourself, ” I am going to hit every turn during this workout perfectly”…Then go do it!

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New Coach at Team Weston

Coach Tomas has hired one of his former swimmers to work with Team Weston’s burgeoning program. Just recently graduated Florida Atlantic University and raring to get it going here is her brief bio:

Geni Burts – Age Group Assistant and Stroke Technique Coach

Coach Geni Burts was born in Dallas Texas and started swimming with the U.S.V.I. in St. Croix Dolphins at the age of 5.  In 1994the family, younger sister Tracy, mother Maria, and father Jess, moved to south Florida and reside here currently.  She is very familiar with Florida Gulf Coast Swimming and has competed here for the past 10 years.  Her home club team is the Pembroke Pines Comets and high school teams Charles W. Flanagan Falcons/Pembroke Pines Charter Jaguars.  Her accomplishments include qualifying for Districts, States, Zone Championships, distance camps in Pensacola FL and the Olympic training center in Denver CO, Sectionals, Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals and two US Opens.  While competing in collegiate Division 1 swimming she was awarded All-Time Sun Belt Women’s Swimming & Diving Team, a numerous conference champion, MVP and Hardest worker throughout her collegiate career, women’s team captain junior and senior year. She has assisted with the Pembroke Pines Comets and was previously age group coach at Florida Atlantic Swim Team. She has recently graduated from Florida Atlantic University a full scholarship student athlete with a degree in Business Administration.  I hope to inspire and help guide younger generation of swimmers with my experience and hard work ethic to accomplish their goals on and off the pool deck.

Good Luck Geni…….

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