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Medal detector: She found missing Olympic gold Swimmer had left it on plane: ‘Did you leave anything? Perhaps a medal?’



Hansen reunited with gold medal
Sept. 24: When Olympic swimmer Brendan Hansen left his gold medal on an airplane, Casey Taylor found it and returned it to him. TODAY hosts talk to Hansen and Taylor.

Did you leave anything on the plane? Like maybe an iPod, maybe a wallet or perhaps a gold medal?

That is how Casey Taylor began the Facebook message she sent to Olympic swimmer Brendan Hansen on Monday, Sept. 15.

Hansen was, in fact, frantically looking for his Olympic gold medal from the men’s 4×100 medley relay, which he had last seen when he boarded a Southwest flight from Philadelphia to Austin, Texas, the night before.

But Hansen didn’t know he had a Facebook account, because one of his sponsors had set it up on his behalf. So, instead of breathing a sigh of relief, he continued working with the police detectives and the FBI for several hours after Casey Taylor sent her message, trying to locate the precious Olympic bling.

“It was 100 times worse than losing my wallet,” Hansen, 27, said. “It might be up there with losing a kid.”

Alarm bells
Hansen’s troubles began on his way home from Philadelphia, where he had thrown out the first pitch at a Phillies game. The Olympic breaststroker was going through security when his gold medal set off the alarm.

A security agent inspected the medal and took a few photos with Hansen before returning the gold to Hansen’s bag. “That was the last that I saw of the medal,” Hansen said.

The plane made a stop in Nashville, at which point Hansen moved to the front of the plane.  Taylor, a 37-year-old director of business intelligence for a dot-com in Austin, replaced him in his original seat.

When Taylor gathered her things to deplane, she was shocked to see a black velvet box containing an Olympic gold medal beneath her bag. The event — the men’s 4×100 medley relay — was engraved in the gold.

“I looked around; there were only older people and women near me, so I knew it wasn’t theirs,” Taylor recalled. “I felt really bad, because I knew somebody had to be sick about not having it.”

Playing detective
Rather than turning the medal in to airport or airline officials (“I don’t even trust them with my luggage,” she said), Taylor took it upon herself to return the gold to its rightful owner. 

“I was like a CSI detective,” Taylor said. “I spent all Monday morning investigating.”

Through the power of the Internet, Taylor was able to identify Hansen as the owner of the hardware. After getting no response to her Facebook message, she called the University of Texas, Hansen’s alma mater.

“I got a call from the university athletic department and they said, ‘Brendan, are you missing something shiny?’ ” Hansen recalled. That was at 2 p.m. on Monday, 16 hours after he lost the medal.

As fate would have it, Taylor and Hansen live only two miles from each other. When they met, Hansen insisted on giving Taylor a $1,000 reward. She has donated the money to StandUp2Cancer and the American Red Cross.

With a laugh, Taylor said that the good karma did not seem to come back to her, because she got a paper cut right after returning the medal to Hansen. She was, however, flown to New York to appear on Wednesday’s TODAY Show with Hansen.

During his appearance on TODAY, Hansen never took the medal off his neck.

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Attention Master Swimmers,Triathlete’s

If you’re an open water swimmer, a triathlete, or a masters athlete of any kind, you’ll love this story on one of the most incredible daily workouts in the world. Check it out.
Email this link to anyone you know who likes to workout. If you have a blog or a web page, there’s an embed code next to the video. Feel free to use it on your site.
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Lucky’s Lake Swim
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Growing Bolder Media Group

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FORT LAUDERDALE, JULY 21, 2008 – The International Swimming Hall of Fame today announced the Honoree Induction Class of 2009, consisting of 9 of the greatest names in aquatic history. 
“This is clearly one of our most diverse and international classes in a long time,” said Bob Duenkel, ISHOF’s staff liaison to the international selection committee of over 150 aquatic authorities. 
The class of inductees includes two honorees from the Netherlands, Russia, and the USA, and one from the nations of Italy, Japan and Great Britain. 
The class of 2009 inductees includes:
INGE DE BRUIJN (NED) Honor Swimmer, ALEKSANDR POPOV (RUS) Honor Swimmer, Jenny Thompson (USA) Honor Swimmer, OLGA BRUSNIKINA (RUS) Honor Synchronized Swimmer, Gianni Lonzi (ITA) Honor Water Polo Player/Coach, KEVIN MURPHY (GBR) Honor Open water swimmer, IKKAKU MATSUZAWA (JPN) Honor Coach, JUDY McGOWAN (USA) Honor Contributor/Synchronized Swimming, and  IET VAN FEGGELEN (NED) Honor Pioneer Swimmer.
About the Class of 2009
INGE DE BRUIJN (NED) Honor Swimmer
FOR THE RECORD:  1992 OLYMPIC GAMES: 8th (100m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle); 2000 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold (50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 100m butterfly), silver (4x100m freestyle); 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold (50m freestyle), silver (100m freestyle), bronze (100m butterfly, 4×100 freestyle); ELEVEN WORLD RECORDS: 4 (50m freestyle), 2 (100m freestyle), 2 (50m butterfly), 2 (100m butterfly); 2001 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (50m, 100m freestyle, 50m butterfly); 2003 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (50m freestyle, 50m butterfly); 1999 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (25m): gold (50m freestyle), silver (4x100m freestyle).
FOR THE RECORD:  1992 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold (50m freestyle, 100m freestyle), silver (4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley); 1996 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold (50m freestyle, 100m freestyle), silver (4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley); 2000 OLYMPIC GAMES: silver (100m freestyle),  SEVEN WORLD RECORDS: 50m freestyle 100m freestyle (50m), 50m freestyle, 4-100m freestyle (25m); 1994 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (50m & 100m freestyle), silver (4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley); 1998 World Championships: gold (100m freestyle), silver (50m freestyle), bronze (4x100m freestyle); 2003 World Championships: gold (50m &100m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle), silver (4x100m medley); 1991 European Championships: gold (100m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley); 1993 European Championships: gold (50m & 100m freestyle, 4x100m medley, 4x100m freestyle); 1995 European Championships: gold (50m & 100m freestyle, 4x100m medley, 4x100m freestyle); 1997 European Championships: gold (50m & 100m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley); 1999 European Championships: silver (100m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle(, bronze (50m freestyle, 4x100m medley); 2001 European Championships: gold (50m & 100m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley); 2002 European Championships: gold (4x100m medley), silver (100m freestyle); 2004 European Championships: gold (50m freestyle).
Jenny Thompson (USA) Honor Swimmer
For The Record: 1992 Olympic Games: gold (4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley), silver (100m freestyle);  1996 Olympic Games: gold (4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley, 4x200m freestyle); 2000 Olympic Games: gold (4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley, 4x200m freestyle), bronze (100m freestyle); 2004 Olympic Games: silver (4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley); Six World Records: 100m freestyle, 100m butterfly, 2 – 4x100m freestyle, 2 – 4x100m medley; Seven World Records (25m): 3 – 50m butterfly, 4 – 100m butterfly); 1991 World Championships: gold (4x100m freestyle); 1994 World Championships: silver (4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley); 1998 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (100m freestyle, 100m butterfly, 4x100m freestyle, 4x100m medley), silver (4x200m freestyle); 2003 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (100m butterfly, 4x100m freestyle), silver (50m butterfly, 4x100m medley), bronze (100m freestyle); 1997 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (25m): gold (100m freestyle, 100m butterfly, 4x100m medley), silver (50m freestyle); 1999 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (25m): gold (100m freestyle, 50m butterfly, 100m butterfly, 4x100m medley, silver (50m freestyle); 2000 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (25m): gold (50m butterfly, 100m butterfly), silver (100m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle), bronze (4x100m medley); 2004  WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (25m): gold (50m butterfly), silver (4x100m medley), bronze (100m butterfly); 1987 PAN AMERICAN GAMES: gold (50m freestyle, 4x100m freestyle), bronze (100m freestyle); 1999 PAN PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (50m freestyle, 100m freestyle); NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: 19 individual and relay titles.
OLGA BRUSNIKINA (RUS) Honor Synchronized Swimmer
FOR THE RECORD:  1992 OLYMPIC GAMES: 4th (solo, duet); 1996 OLYMPIC GAMES: 4th (team); 2000 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold (duet, team); 2004 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold (team); 1994 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: 4th (team), 5th (duet); 1998 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (duet, team); 2001 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (solo, team); 2003 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (team); 1995 WORLD CUP: bronze (team); 1997 WORLD CUP: gold (duet, team); 1999 WORLD CUP: gold (solo, duet, team); 1993, 1995 European Championships: gold (team); 1997 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (duet, team); 1999 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (solo, duet, team); 2000 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (solo, team); 2004 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold (team); 1994 GOODWILL GAMES: silver (duet); 1998 GOODWILL GAMES: gold (duet, team).
Gianni Lonzi (ITA) Honor Water Polo Player/Coach
FOR THE RECORD:  ATHLETE 1960 OLYMPIC GAMES: gold; 1964 OLYMPIC GAMES: 4th; 1968  OYLMPIC GAMES: 4th; 1963 MEDITERRANEAN GAMES: gold; 1967, 1968 ITALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold;  COACH  1976 OLYMPIC GAMES: silver; 1975 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: bronze; 1978 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold; 1977 MEDITERRANEAN GAMES: gold; 1977 EUROPEAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS: gold; ADMINISTRATOR 1988 To Present: Vice Chairman LEN European Water Polo Committee; FINA Technical Water polo Committee: Member since 1992, Chairman since 1996;
Kevin Murphy (GBR) Honor Open water swimmer
FOR THE RECORD: Three Two-Way Crossings of the English Channel: 1970, 1975, 1987; 32 English Channel Crossings; Northern Ireland – Scotland: 1970, 1971, 1989 (11h 21min); Loch Ness: 1976 (23 miles); Richmond to Gravesend – River Thames: 42 miles; The Wash: 1973 (17 miles); Loch Lomond: 1967 (15h 4min); Lake Windermere Two-Way: 1969 (21 miles); 8 Lake Windermere Crossings; Lake Tahoe: (21+miles); Catalina Channel: (22+miles); Chicago Shoreline: (30+miles); Around Manhattan: (27 miles); Lake Balaton: (48 miles); Lake Como: (30 km); Majorca to Minorca: (25 miles); Marathon du Saguenay: (42 km); Capri to Naples: (23 miles); Nile Marathon: (20 miles); Lake Windermere International: (25 km);
FOR THE RECORD: 1932,1936 OLYMPIC GAMES: Head Coach; Coach of Swimmers Winning 9 Gold, 7 Silver and 7 Bronze Olympic Medals; Coach of 1931, 1935 Japanese Team vs. USA Team Duel Meets; Formed First Nippon Intercollegiate Swimming Association; Member Amateur Swimming Federation of Japan; Coach of First Japanese Female Team Exhibition Meet in Hawaii: 1929.
FOR THE RECORD: 55 Years a Competitor, Coach, Judge, Administrator in Synchronized Swimming; Member FINA Technical Synchronized Swimming Committee: 1984-1996 (Chairman 1984-1992); Member ASUA Technical Synchronized Swimming Committee: 1979 – 1984; Editor and Primary Author of First International Training Manuel for Synchro Judges: 1979; Edited First FINA Judging Manuel (1988); Chaired FINA – TSSC Ad Hoc Committee on Degrees of Difficulty; Developed First Video Tape Series for Training International Routine Judges; Drafted First Rules and Guidelines for Technical Routines; International Clinician Conducting 37 International Clinics; Synchro Competition Manager for 1996 OLYMPIC GAMES; U.S. Chef de Mission for 1982 World Championship; Synchro Judge/Official at Five Olympic Games, Five World Championships, Five Pan American Games and Seven WORLD CUPS.
FOR THE RECORD: ELEVEN WORLD RECORDS: Three (100m backstroke), Two (200m backstroke), One (400m backstroke), One (150y backstroke), One (100m backstroke), Two (3x100m Medley Relay), One (3x100y Medley Relay); 1964, 1968 OLYMPIC GAMES: Coach With Dutch Swimming Team; Started First Synchronized Swimming Team in Europe.

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New Team in Town….

There is a new team in South Florida, it is called the Davie Nadadores Swim Team. The team was organized and is coached by two well known coaches from South Florida. They both have high expectations for this team to produce Olympic caliber swimmers….I wish them all the best in their endeavor’s. You can check out their web-site @

Coaching Staff


Contact at:

Coach Tomas Victoria was born in Caracas, Venezuela , Graduate from The University of Florida in Physical Education , he is married to Carol Victoria and has two daughters Andrea and Daniela , both of his daughters are involved in competitive sports : Andrea was an All American and  state MVP in water polo during her High school years with St Thomas Aquinas HS she obtained an athletic scholarship to Colorado State. Daniela  was an All American and  two time  Florida High School state champion in 100 breaststroke  she is a freshman at the University of Florida in swimming .

Coach Tomas was the Head coach of the Venezuelan National team from 1984 to 1995 his swimmers established over 100 National age group records and made the national Team in multilpe ocassions to events such as Pan American (1991 Cuba-1995 Argentina) and World Championships(1994 Rome , Italy -1995 Rio, Brasil) .

He moved to Florida in 1995 looking for new challenges, he established himself as a coach in the Florida Gold Coast with Team Weston Aquatics were he continued his career by placing swimmers in meets such as Pan Am Games, Rio, Brasil 2007, World Championships Melburne, Australia 2007 , World Youth Championships Rio, Brasil 2006 and Monterrey, Mexico 2008, Zone Championships, US Open,Junior National and Senior National Championships qualifiers. His swimmers have graduated to accept  Athletic and Academic scholarships to Institutions such as : Stanford University, University of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, Indian River College.

He is a ASCA level 4 National and International certified coach also member of USA swimming since 1995.


Contact at:

Coach Alex Pussieldi is originally from Brazil where attended University of Rio Grande do Sul (Journalism) and University of Pernambuco (Physical Education).

Former Junior National Coach of Brazil from 1995 to 1997, and responsible for more then 90 national age group champions in Brazil and several national records.  After a very succesfull coaching career in his country, Coach Alex move to United States where has been one of the most active coaches in South Florida.

Davie Nadadores Swim Team is a high performance competitive swim program developed to produce a high competitive level of swimmers who are willing to perform at their best level of competition based on talent combined with an experienced coaching staff.

Our swimmers train to develop their best technique as a priority combined with a training program that includes dryland training specific for swimming and a swim program planned carefully based on a seasonal competitive schedule. Our program includes competitive training for National and International competition .

Swimmers from all over the world come and train at Davie Nadadores .We have a coaching staff that includes coaches with National and International experience for many years. Our facility is located in Davie, Florida right in the heart of Broward county. A beautiful 50 meter x 25 yards pool and a state of the art air conditioned fitness and weight room areas offers the best athletic environment for competitive swimming

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Hey Guys I am Back…….Breaststroke Technique

I had a great time and I will share some of the trip with you at a later date….As for now I would like to share with you my thoughts on Breaststroke Technique…..So here it is:

Breaststroke tech  breaststroke tech 2

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