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Distance Per Stroke…..DPS

stroke DPS

Teaching Distance per Stroke has been around for many years. Yesterday as I was doing my workout at the rec center I was playing around in my head trying to decrease the number of strokes it would take me to swim a 50 while keeping the same time for each one that I did. The only way to decrease stroke count is to get more distance on every stroke, hence DPS. when I was not thinking about DPS I used 19 strokes per 25. When I thought about increasing my stroke length and finishing my stroke, I used 17 strokes per 25. Now that I was using less strokes to cover the same distance, my time for each 25 was the same or at times faster then when I was spinning my wheels and not being efficient with my stroke. When you add proper body position and proper air exchange to this you will find that you are so much more productive with much less effort…..The conclusion is think about your stroke and use DPS, Body Position and proper air exchange….Believe this old coach, it really works!

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Colorado US Age Group Swimming Alive and Well…..


FAST 12 and under swimmers had a great time at the Northern Colorado Swimming Winter District meet in Estes Park

FAST (Fort Collins Area Swim Team) is a year-round competitive swimming program designed to enable swimmers to grow into competitive swimming at the local, state and/or national levels in accordance with the respective ability and desire of the swimmer.

They provide opportunities for physical, social, and emotional development and teach the values of goal setting, discipline, and fitness. for more information on FAST contact:

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Florida Swim Meet Calendar

SW_DEC_SnorkelDrills It’s sometimes incredible how fast the days go by and how soon the big meet you have been training  for is here! If you have just been going to workouts and swimming mindlessly…Your in trouble! Remember what I use to say all the time, “You will swim at your meet, as you have trained during workouts”….If you were a slacker during your workout, that is exactly how you will perform at your meet. You still have time to get your act together and to be more intense during your workout. Here is the following days left until the big meets…

Only 21 days until the NCSA Junior National Championship – Orlando – March 17 – March 21, 2009
Only 23 days until the Speedo Champions Series – Southern Zone – South Sectional Championship – Fort Lauderdale – March 19-22, 2009
Only 31 days until the FGC Short Course Junior Olympics – Coral Springs – March 27 – March 29, 2009
Only 133 days until the USA Swimming National Championship – World Championship Trials – Indianapolis, IN – July 7-11, 2009

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I’M Disappointed

I’m disappointed, I really thought that the article on Mickey Mantle would raise some eyebrows or at least be interested enough to read about a great champion…..I thought for sure that some of you would comment on it, but I guess you are more interested in LZR suits and stories about how to swim faster…..Coach Pete 

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Mickey Mantle…His Final Inning

This is a story about a great champion, I have had this story for a long time and in the light of the resent news article about A-Rod and Michael Phelps I thought I would share this with you ……It is written by Ed Cheek from the American Tract Society….printed in 1995

1208155451Mickey Mantle Retirement Day Card 04 14 08

He was one of the most compelling athletic heroes in American history. Long after he’d hung up his fabled pin striped uniform, grown men would stammer and shutter in his presence and faithful fans would pay outlandish prices for his memorabilia. His achievements were many, but they cannot explain his enduring popularity. His legion of admirers felt a deep emotional attachment to this man who moved with such fluid grace and raw power. They loved Mickey Mantle. His Statistics are staggering – 536 home runs, 1509 RBI’s, 298 career batting average, seven world series championships, and three MVP awards. They are all the more impressive when we consider how he battled chronic, painful injuries during his 18 years with the New York Yankees. In addition he won the triple crown in 1956 with a 353 batting average, 52 home runs and 139 RBI’s.

But these numbers pale when compared to what happened in the harsh summer on 1995 when his heart took over in that desperate final inning. Faced with an aggressive cancer, he displayed incredible courage, humility, and even humor as he battled for his life. And when he chose to drag his frail body in front of a mass of microphones and address the public, there was not a trace of self-pity in his words- only heartfelt pleas to avoid the mistakes he had made.”Don’t be like me,” he humbly declared, “I’m no role model!”

At age 19 he left the lead mimes of Oklahoma for the bright lights of New York City. Unfortunately, those lights cast an eerie shadow over his life. After Mickey’s first season, his father Mutt Mantle, died of Hodgkins disease at 40. His grandfather and two of his uncles also succumbed to the same disease before their 40th birthdays. As a result, a growing fear of dying young hunted the budding superstar. He would talk long into the night with his close teammates, confiding to them this nagging fear.

Convinced an early funeral was his inevitable fate, though often joking about it, he played hard and partied even harder. For him there was no tomorrow. Tragically this attitude led to a 40 year bout with alcohol  that caused his body to grow old before it’s time and clouded his mind. In the autumn of his life Mickey admitted that his drug of choice, alcohol, kept him from reaching his full potential as a player and as a person. Finally in 1994 he sought help for his addition. After checking himself into the Betty Ford Center, he was able to win his long battle with the bottle. But he knew something was still missing, he just wasn’t sure what it was.

In June 1995 , doctors found that the cancer had destroyed Mickey’s liver. He was fortunate to receive a transplant, and for a while it seemed as if the greatest switch hitter of all times would live to fight another day. Then the doctors found that the cancer remained in his body, and he began chemotherapy. Mickey knew he was facing death. During the All-Star break in Dallas, he picked up the phone and called Bobby Richardson – a committed Christian. Mickey asked him to pray for him over the telephone.A few weeks later when doctors had discovered that the cancer had spread aggressively. Mickey’s family asked Bobby if he would come and visit him. His death was imminent. To honor Mickey’s long-standing request-one he made at the funeral of Roger Maris nine years earlier- Bobby was asked to speak at the funeral.

After entering the hospital room, Richardson went over to Mantle’s bedside and took his hand. Locking his eyes on him, Bobby said,”Mickey, I love you, and I want you to spend eternity in heaven with me.” Mantle smiled and said,” Bobby, I’ve been wanting to tell you that I have trusted Jesus Christ as my  Savior.”Mickey asked for and received the forgiveness he so desperately needed

Now in the final inning of his life, the Mick had won his greatest victory- more glorious than any of his tape-measure home runs…..

At Mickey’s funeral, Bobby Richardson told 2,000 mourners and a national TV audience that there are only two groups of people; those who say “yes” to Christ and those who say,”no” He added that, since none of us knows when he will face his own final inning, saying “maybe” is really saying,”no”

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Freestyle Catch


Well yesterday I wrote about being focused while you are working out and not swimming mindlessly. This morning as I was working out I was thinking about my “catch” of the water as I extended my stroke.I felt that although my stroke was extended I was letting my hand or what I use to refer as my “paddle” float down as I began my pull. When I thought about it I began to put more pressure on the “paddle” as I began my pull and I now felt more power being put into my stroke….Give it a try and see if you feel what I felt.

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Stroke Productivity…..

I was at the  Chilson Rec Center yesterday working out and while swimming the “pull” part of my workout I began to focus on the length, and catch of my stroke. I realized that when I was not focused my stroke was not as efficient as when I was focused. It brought back to mind when I was on the pool deck coaching, how I use to be on my swimmers back about keeping your stroke long and deep and finishing the back part of your stroke. Now here I am coaching myself to be more efficient, actually what I was doing was what you are supposed to be doing…THINKING! Not just swimming mindlessly.


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I Really Like This Message

After opening the site, click on each item on the book shelf…It is done so well I am sure you will enjoy it

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Air Exchange…..

TWA4 144

What kind of breathing pattern do you have? Do you breathe every four stokes to only one side or do you by-lateral breathe. Which ever way you breathe do you get all of the needed O2 to fill your lungs as you can? When you turn your head to breathe are you exhaling air? If you are, then you did not have a proper air exchange.

When you turn your head to breathe in air you can’t be exhaling air, so how is this accomplished? It is accomplished by exhaling the air that you have taken into your lungs into the water so that when you turn your head you are ready to take in more air…Simple enough you may think, well it will take some practice to get it done. You can start by “Bobbing” under water blowing air out and as you reach the surface be prepared to take air in. Repeat this “Bobbing” for at least 10 times.

When you turn your head, don’t lift it up out of the water. Try to keep one goggle in the water and one goggle out of the water. It may take some time to master this, but once accomplished it will make your swim much more comfortable. Keeping one goggle in the water will help you maintain proper body position in the water. When you lift your head just 2″, you drop your hips 4″ and your feet 6 to 8″

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Triathlon Training Book

*NEW!* The Triathlete’s Training Bible, 3rd Ed.

*NEW!* The Triathlete's Training Bible, 3rd Ed.

Manufacturer VeloPress
Author Joe Friel


The Triathlete’s Training Bible, 3rd Ed.

by Joe Friel

The Triathlete’s Training Bible is the bestselling and most comprehensive reference available to triathletes.

Based on Joe Friel’s proven, science-based methodology and his 28 years of coaching experience, The Triathlete’s Training Bible has equipped hundreds of thousands of triathletes for success in the sport. The Triathlete’s Training Bible equips triathletes of all abilities with every detail they must consider when planning a season, lining up a week of workouts, or preparing for race day.

With this new edition, you will develop your own personalized training plan and learn how to:

  • improve economy in swimming, cycling, and running
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  • build muscular endurance with a new approach to strength training
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About Joe Friel

Joe Friel’s Training Bible Coaching company is one of the most respected and successful in endurance sports. Joe has been training endurance athletes since 1980, including national champions, world championship contenders, and Olympic athletes in road cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, and duathlon. Joe is an elite certified USA Triathlon and USA Cycling Coach and holds a master’s degree in exercise science. Joe is a featured columnist for VeloNews and Inside Triathlon magazines and his articles and interviews appear in dozens of national and international magazines, newspapers, and websites. Joe conducts training and racing seminars around the world and online and provides consulting services for corporations in the fitness industry. He has also been active in business as the founder of Ultrafit, an association of coaching businesses, Training Peaks, a web-based software company, and Training Bible Coaching. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. More information on Joe is available at and at his blog.

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