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Backstroke Technique…


The key to backstroke is the hand entry into the water and shoulder hip rotation.Your hand should enter behind the shoulder and out to the side.You swim your fastest on your start and turn, you want to extend that speed into the middle of the pool. You can accomplish this by fly kicking 6 to 8 kicks on each start and turn. Make the kicks small, powerful and fast. You don’t want to feel the water on your feet, at the end of your last fly kick start to flutter kick as you take that first stroke. Your shoulder roll should be higher than your head or at least equal to your head position. Aim your shoulder to the sky while your other shoulder should be pointing towards the bottom of the pool


Vertical Kicking– Kick fly while maintaining a vertical position in deep water. You should be able to kick 3-5 full kicks per second. Do this for 3 minutes with 10 seconds rest in between each set

Fly Kicking Underwater – Fly kick on your back underwater in a streamline position for at least 15 meters

Fly kick on your back on the surface – Fly kick with your hands at your sides…Do intervals of 25/50/100’s

Single Arm –Stroke with one arm and roll shoulder, with a slight lift of the other hand.

Concentrate on proper recover of the hand position, thumb up on the exit from the water and palm down on the entry into the water, entering pinky first


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  1. Thank you for the backstroke tips! They really helped me with my PE unit in swimming. (what a nightmare!)

    Comment by Addie | November 29, 2009 | Reply

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