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 We are a strong community of coaches, who affect the lives of many people. What we say and what we do is a direct reflection of who we are and how we live our life. We touch the lives of many young people in many ways and sometimes don’t even know it, they are very impressed with what we say or do not say. So the choice of our words MUST be used in a positive way. We never really know what is going on in the minds of the young people we coach. When I was coaching I made it a point to talk to a different kid every day and say something positive about them. Sometimes just a simple thing like,”Hey, I like your cool goggles”. Self esteem is such an important factor in our sport, in our daily life! We can foster a positive attitude in our swimmers with a good choice of words. According to the professional’s out there, kids hear over 400 nasty words a day and only 30 good things a day….Can’t we improve those numbers….There is a web site that a good friend of mine sent me that address this problem, it is I strongly recommend that you view it and give it some thought as to how you could implement this into your swim team….Thanks for hearing me today, you guys and gals are on my blue ribbon team!

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