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93 days to the Olympic Games in Beijing and 77 days to the Florida Gold Coast Long Course Junior Olympics….

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  • Is your training any different than the Olympians training for Beijing? Do you think they are working on technique, starts, turns and endurance? I’ll bet they are and I’ll bet they are intense and focused on every little detail that will help them in their performance. So with only 77 days to your Olympics, why not focus on proper technique and improve your strokes. Why not work on endurance that you will need to be strong enough to compete for three days…It’s like putting money in the bank! You have to work on these things NOW! TODAY!…work on every turn, get power off the walls, kick into you stroke with strong tight streamline position. Keep your strokes long, deep and finish!. Work on your pullouts on breast and fly. Work on hip/shoulder rotation on your back….Be your own little Olympian, Be focused, be intense, be strong!

Bring IT!

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