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Festive September Weekend in Fort Lauderdale

— August 2, 2009

PHOENIX, Arizona, August 2. IN A Voice for the Sport in the August issue of Swimming World Magazine, publisher Brent Rutemiller writes about a U.S. Olympic Coaches Reunion as part of the International Swimming Hall of Fame inductions.
The United States has led the swimming world in Olympic gold winning performances for more than a century.
To have all nine of the living USA Olympic Head Coaches in a room together would be a wish come true; Coach Stan Tinkham (’56), Coach Gus Stager (’60), Coach Peter Daland (’64, ‘72), Coach Jack Nelson (’76), Coach Don Gambril (’84), Coach Mark Schubert (’92, ’00, ’04), Coach Eddie Reese (’92, ’04, ’08), Coach Skip Kenney (’96) and Coach Jack Bauerle (08).

To watch some of the greatest aquatic athletes be honored on the same weekend would be equally impressive.
Wish no more… On Thursday evening, Sept. 10, at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa in Fort Lauderdale, a Reunion Dinner of the USA-Olympic Team Head Coaches will take place. The success of these coaches will be celebrated at this time and 500 people are welcome to witness this historic moment.
The American Swim Coaches Association will host the event during its 40th World Clinic. United States Swimming will be sponsoring the event and SwimmingWorld.TV will be streaming the event as a tape delayed broadcast.
All of the coaches will share some of their Olympic experiences, personal insights and coaching philosophies with those who are privileged to be in the room.
There will be an exclusive, never before seen, interview with late Coach Richard Quick, about his Olympic experiences. Richard granted SwimmingWorld.TV his last interview before he passed away earlier this year. It is a powerful interview demonstrative of Coach Quick’s passion and positive attitudes that have inspired thousands of swimmers around the world.
Throughout the same weekend, the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF), based in Fort Lauderdale, will host a number of events and induction ceremonies at the same Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.
On Saturday, September 12th at 7:30 pm, the 2009 ISHOF Honoree Class, consisting of 9 of the greatest names in aquatic history, will be inducted.
The class includes INGE DE BRUIJN (NED) Swimmer, ALEKSANDR POPOV (RUS) Swimmer, JENNY THOMPSON (USA) Swimmer, OLGA BRUSNIKINA (RUS) Synchronized Swimmer, GIANNI LONZI (ITA) Water Polo Player/Coach, KEVIN MURPHY (GBR) Open water swimmer, IKKAKU MATSUZAWA (JPN) Coach, JUDY McGOWAN (USA) Contributor/Synchronized Swimming, and IET VAN FEGGELEN (NED) Pioneer Swimmer.
Master swimmers Gertrude Zint (USA), Margery Meyer, USA. Karl Hauter (Ger) Keijiro Nakamura (Jap) will be inducted into The International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame earlier that same day at noon.
Tickets for the Olympic Coaches Reunion Dinner may be purchased for $49.00 and are available from ASCA via the website: A reserved table may be requested for any group of 10 attendees. Tickets are now available and can still be mailed to your home until August 15th. Tickets purchased after August 15 will be available at the Will Call table outside the event’s banquet room. Attendance is limited to the first 500 registrations, so plan to register today.
For more information about ISHOF contact the International Swimming Hall of Fame at 954 462-6536 or visit their website at
Both evenings will be a wonderful reunion of old friends and a chance to make new ones.
Whether you are a swimming fan, or just a fan of fantastic performances, you will be inspired by these remarkable individuals who will assemble in Fort Lauderdale for a magical weekend in September.

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