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Returned From Florida

We had a great trip to south Florida, we got to see many old friends and enjoyed being at the beach again. I visited some old swimmers and they made me feel like I was visiting family, they were all so very gracious to me…Many of them are swimming very well and I am so happy to know that I have contributed to their success. Coach Tomas and the Davie Nadadores have a great facility and are really getting into World Class Swimming. Coach Raphael is doing a great job over at the Athletic Club at Weston he is developing some very good age group swimmers. We also visited Coach Nick Baker up in Claremont Florida at his Peak Performance Camp, and as always Nick is doing a fantastic job at teaching swimmers how to think positive about themselves. One of the highlights of our trip was to see my granddaughter Sarah do her thing at surfing….. We also did some hiking in the Everglades National Park we did some birding and got some good photos…And now we are back in Colorado enjoying the low humidity and getting ready for some summer camping and fishing in the mountains .

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