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Mind Over Matter

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Just how good a swimmer are you? Have you ever asked yourself that question? How is it that your teammate swims so much faster than you? They swim in the same lane as you , they do the same workout as you, they have the same coach as you, they swim in the same water as you….So the all things being equal, how is it that they perform so well at at a meet and you have such a poor performance. Could it be that they are better mentally prepared ? Could be that they are more focused on what they have been taught ? The mental part of your training is equally as important  as the physical part….You have to be as mentally tough as you are physically tough. You have to be the leader of your lane, not the follower….you have to encourage your teammates to also be leaders in your lane….If you do this, could you imagine what an awesome workout you would have, could you imagine how well you will swim at your next meet?….It is all MIND OVER MATTER

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