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Warm Up …..Always!

You should have several warm-up strategies and learn to swim fast using each one

While a good warm up can be important to achieve a successful swimming performance, there are hundreds of stories about swimmers winning major events and breaking records after not having a ideal warm up. The key is to have more than one warm up strategy.

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Coach Pete, there’s no room to warm up!

Warm up problem- Pool Space…the pool is so crowded that there is no space to warm up!

Solution: Give this a try! Coaches should prepare their swimmers to deal with this infamous over crowded warm up lanes problem by having all the team warm up at a training session in one lane three times a week in the month leading up to a major swim meet. To take it even one step further, teach your swimmers how to race after warming up in a crowded lane. Have them “race” in training immediately after the all in one lane warm up

Warm up should also include good dryland exercises – Jogging, stretching, and etc.


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