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Distance Per Stroke…..DPS

stroke DPS

Teaching Distance per Stroke has been around for many years. Yesterday as I was doing my workout at the rec center I was playing around in my head trying to decrease the number of strokes it would take me to swim a 50 while keeping the same time for each one that I did. The only way to decrease stroke count is to get more distance on every stroke, hence DPS. when I was not thinking about DPS I used 19 strokes per 25. When I thought about increasing my stroke length and finishing my stroke, I used 17 strokes per 25. Now that I was using less strokes to cover the same distance, my time for each 25 was the same or at times faster then when I was spinning my wheels and not being efficient with my stroke. When you add proper body position and proper air exchange to this you will find that you are so much more productive with much less effort…..The conclusion is think about your stroke and use DPS, Body Position and proper air exchange….Believe this old coach, it really works!

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