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Air Exchange…..

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What kind of breathing pattern do you have? Do you breathe every four stokes to only one side or do you by-lateral breathe. Which ever way you breathe do you get all of the needed O2 to fill your lungs as you can? When you turn your head to breathe are you exhaling air? If you are, then you did not have a proper air exchange.

When you turn your head to breathe in air you can’t be exhaling air, so how is this accomplished? It is accomplished by exhaling the air that you have taken into your lungs into the water so that when you turn your head you are ready to take in more air…Simple enough you may think, well it will take some practice to get it done. You can start by “Bobbing” under water blowing air out and as you reach the surface be prepared to take air in. Repeat this “Bobbing” for at least 10 times.

When you turn your head, don’t lift it up out of the water. Try to keep one goggle in the water and one goggle out of the water. It may take some time to master this, but once accomplished it will make your swim much more comfortable. Keeping one goggle in the water will help you maintain proper body position in the water. When you lift your head just 2″, you drop your hips 4″ and your feet 6 to 8″

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