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Davie Nadadores Swim Team Rule the Hall of Fame Mile Ocean Swim

Davie Nadadores had an outstanding participation at the Hall of Fame Ocean Mile Swim on January 3rd …. My hats off to all the swimmers,Coach Tomas and Coach Alex….Way to go Nadodores!!!!


 These are the results:

1st male overall – Arthur Mendes
1st 11-12 male Francisco Gomez
1st 13-14 female Kelsey Schultz
2nd 13-14 female Lindsay Schultz
1st 13-14 male Salman Qali
3rd 13-14 male Matheus Tourinho
1st 15-18 male Eduardo Carvalho
2nd 15-18 male – Guilherme Nasser


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January is half over….how are your resolutions going????????

I know that many of you have made some sort of resolution to do this or that in the new year, I have made a resolution to be a better person and to get into better shape. I had guests with us for the holidays and we indulged in enough food and wine to bring my weight up, so now I have to get over to the rec center and work it off. I have involved myself into church activities and am chairing the Respect Life Committee  to help fight the opposition of the Freedom of Choice Act that Congress will present to our new President. So that’s where I am at, where are you at? Did you resolve to be a better swimmer, a better athlete, a better student , a.better person ?

You can do all of these things! You have to have the will and desire to achieve all of these resolutions!

When I was coaching the Team Weston Swim Team we had a little cheer that we would chant before each meet, it went like this




Here is  way you can be a better Leader:

Ten Key Points to Leadership

L – Lead with convection, have a backbone, lead with substance, lead by example.
E- educate, journey into the truth
A- Attitude, refuse to be beaten
D- Discipline you must have this or fail
E- Empower you people with grace
R- Receive and Respect input, then you make the decision
S- Sacrifice
H- Humility v. Pride this is the battle Humility is the     acknowledgement of truth.
I- Incentive, “Carpe Diem”( cease the day)
P- Plan, Prepare and Practice



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If He Were Only A Swimmer !!!


Gator’s Win National Championship, led by Tim Tebo


A Coaches dream, could you imagine what kind of swimmer he would be. To see such desire, such determination, such intensity. He is amazing, I would love to dream about what kind of swimmer he would have been, Would he be a sprinter, would he be a distance swimmer, IM, Flyer, Breaststroker…Who knows what he would have been, but what a dream, another Phelps!

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Tip on Butterfly from Gary Hall’s Race Club


Take a lesson from the greatest flyer of all time, Michael Phelps, and breathe every stroke (except on the first stroke off the start and turn). I am amazed at how few swimmers breathe enough in fly. Why breathe? Oxygen is the most important nutrient for our body. Without it, we die in approximately seven minutes. With it (and glucose) we produce the molecule that drives all of our physical activity, ATP. ATP is the fuel for our muscles. Yes, we can still produce ATP without Oxygen, but with Oxygen we produce about 15 times more ATP than without it! Not only are we providing more fuel for our muscles when we breathe, we also avoid building up one of the byproducts of ATP production without Oxygen, Lactic Acid. Lactic Acid buildup is responsible for the big monkey climbing on our back in the last 10 meters of our race. So keep your head low above the water (or breathe to the side) but breathe, baby, breathe! Why do you think Phelps always touches out his competitors in the 100 fly? He is charging with Oxygen, while others are tightening up with Lactic Acid.

phelps on fly

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NASA Tests Help Record-Breaking Olympians Rocket Through Water

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 18. THE National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is currently running a poll to discover what Top 10 NASA-Related Stories made the most impact this year.
Swimsuit technology is one of 10 potential choices in its poll, with the following excerpt explaining NASA’s involvement:
NASA know-how helped swimsuit designers create a body suit worn by an assortment of gold medalists and world record holders at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Among the medalists wearing Speedo’s LZR Racer were Americans Michael Phelps — winner of more Olympic gold medals than any athlete in the modern era — and Natalie Coughlin. Aerospace engineer Steve Wilkinson at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., played a role in developing the swimsuit by testing dozens of fabrics in Langley’s 7-by-11-inch low speed wind tunnel. Warnaco Inc., the U.S. licensee of the Speedo swimwear brand, approached Langley to test fabric samples because the NASA center has researched drag reduction for aircraft and boats for decades. Just as reducing drag helps planes fly more efficiently, reducing drag helps swimmers go faster. Studies indicate viscous drag or skin friction is almost a third of the total restraining force on a swimmer. Wind tunnel tests measured the drag on the surface of the fabrics. Speedo’s research and development team, Aqualab, took the results and used them to help create advanced “space-age” swimsuit designs.

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Points of Interest on Freestyle


In the above photo there are several points of interest that should be noted:

  • High elbow recovery
  • Hip shoulder rotation
  • Body position
  • Breathing position of the head
  • Note: one goggle in the water one goggle out
  • Hand position in relation to the water

These are just a few things for you to think about while you are swimming and training, try to maintain good body position, length of your stroke, depth of your stroke, finish of your stroke and high elbow recovery. A great drill to use to help this happen is the “Finger Drag Drill”

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Interesting Poster

The interesting thing about this poster that hit my eye is the quote “We Not Me” … In this “ME” generation it ask’s us to think as a team and not as an individual. To work together for the betterment of the team.It also shows us that if you work together you can achieve your goals along the way. Nothing made me feel better as a Coach, when I would hear one swimmer encouraging another swimmer in their lane to work harder, it is a quality that now days is rare. Maybe this New Year you can start using this poster as a inspiration to think as “WE”….Together you can achieve!!!


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Bob Bowman Talks about his Secret to success with Phelps

bowman and Phelps

Among the secrets Bob Bowman discusses is what he learned as an Age Group Coach, “You have to teach”….Bowman said this at an ASCA (American Swim Coaches Association) Clinic in Las Vegas. You have to take someone who can’t do something and make them do it. Coaches face many challenges with their swimmers, but building confidence is the most important key every step of the way towards their goals. Coaches must also have the ability to make changes along the way. That key was important with Bowman and Phelps on their way to Beijing. 

As an Age Group Coach you have the privilege to mold… to build confidence…to make change. You may never know who the next Michael Phelps will be….This is a New Year, a new beginning  , a fresh start. As they say in the Army ” Be all you can be”

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2008 Stats…..

Most all of us Coaches and Swimmers rely on stats to give them recognition on how they are doing….So here are my stats for the year 2008 they are not bad and frankly I am proud of what I have accomplished at this first attempt in writing about our sport. I hope to improve in the New Year and hope for you guys and gals out there to continue to read and support my BLOG…Thanks, here are my stats;

191 Posts………Busiest Day 883 hits 8/13/08

102 Comments……Busiest Month 9,040 hits August

27.075 hits for the year

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