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Streamline Position Awareness

It is very obvious to me that I was right in my opinion that age group swimmers don’t think streamline is an important part of their swim. After writing what I thought was a very good article on the importance of attaining a perfect strong streamline position off of every turn and start, there have been only 3 people who found the article important enough to read…..I suppose if you would ask Phelps or Lochte or Torres what do you think about attaining a perfect streamline position? They would respond to it as being the number one technique that helped them swim as fast as they do. How we coaches get this fact through the heads of these young swimmers we train? After many years of not training I have recently started a training program and have been swimming three days a week. At my age (71years) I have to use all the help I can get to be able to make it from one end of the pool to the other, what helps me is …you guessed it, STREAMLINE !!!!……TAKE THE CHALLANGE MAKE EVERY TURN PERFECT!

If you disagree or agree with me, please let me know about it. Feel free to comment on it.   


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