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Mom the LZR Got Me My Cut !!!!

I don’t buy it….Sorry to disagree with those of you who feel that the new suit that mom and dad just spent $400.00 on got you the cut you have been trying so hard to attain. And I also disagree  with the coach who feeds his swimmers pipe dreams of victory with every new suit. According to those who believe in the psych of the ” LZR suit did it for me”….how is it then, that there were 9 other swimmers in the heat who did not break their time or make the cut? AND THEY HAD THE SAME SUIT YOU WERE WEARING…

My theory is an old school theory….it’s called WORK ! I would rather have my swimmers believe that a good work ethic and hard training, working on all the aspects of good stroke technique had been the reason that they made their cut.

At the world class level of swimming where all of the above had been achieved then and only then does the LZR suit make the difference.

Save your money and instill a good work ethic in your swimmer, then if you wish slip on that suit and swim your butt off!


Take the money that you were going to spend on the suit and donate it to someone in need for Christmas…….God Bless, Coach Pete


Good News On Coach Michael Lohberg

December 10
It has been almost 3 weeks since the last update. No news is good news. Michael is doing great. All the secondary issues are gone or well under control. Michael is coaching 2 to 3 times a week. That alone gives him a great boost every time. After months of seeing nothing but hospitals and his room, this feels great. He is also driving again! And it is great that he has his independence back. His blood values have reached a plateau and his hematologist here thinks he will have to undergo a second round of treatment in January. We still have to talk to his Doctors in Bethesda to confirm that. We will keep you updated.
Have a blessed day,

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