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Keeping your age grouper motivated


During this period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is sometimes the most difficult time to keep you team of age group swimmers motivated. With all the festivities of the holidays, your kids have a lot on their minds besides swimming…They have relatives visiting, Christmas break from school is just around the corner, final exams, families getting ready for their Christmas vacation…So what do you do coach?…The way we did it while I was at Team Weston was to keep up the pace of presenting to you team quality meets right up to Christmas. Check you local US Swimming calendar and I am sure there are plenty of meets to satisfy all levels of swimming. Look for Holiday Classics, Santa Sizzlers, Candy Cane Meets….believe me they’re out there . You can conduct a Holiday swim clinic, invite college swimmers who may have swam for your team to come and help you with this. We ran a very successful clinic every year, we used videos from Eddie Reese and then brought his drills into the pool, we had a Sports Psychologist spend one hour a day at the clinic to help them with the mental side of swimming, we presented them with photos of their starts,turns and strokes….There is just so much you can do, if you really want to keep them excited about starting the new year on the right tract. Most importantly you must be motivated to do this!!!        


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