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Talking Backstroke

It is of my opinion that the key to backstroke is the hand entry into the water. Your hand should be behind the shoulder and out to the side. You should swim your fastest at the start and off your turns, then extend that speed out into the the middle of the pool. You can accomplish this by fly kicking at a fast rate of speed at least 6 to 8 kicks on each stat  and turn. Make the kicks small and fast you don’t want to feel the water on your feet, just as you are coming to the last fly kick…start to flutter kick when you take your first stroke. Your shoulder and hip should rotate together. Your shoulder should roll as high as your head…aim your shoulder to the sky and the other shoulder  to the bottom of the pool 




Olympic Champion and World Record Holder Kristina Egerziegi on Backstroke….Look at her shoulder roll and hip up position…Look at her hand entry into the water and head position




                         Backstroke Drills

  • Vertical Kick – Kick fly it is used most on back stroke star and turns. You should be able to kick 3-5 full kicks per second. You should do this for 3 minutes intervals. Do sets with 10 seconds rest in between
  • Fly Kick Underwater-Fly kick on you back in a streamline position for at least 15 yards.
  • Fly kick on your back on the surface of the water-Fly kick with your hands at your sides kick intervals of 25’s,50’s and 100’s
  • Single Arm –Stroke with one arm and roll shoulder lift of the other hand. Recover with thumb pointed up and palm down








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