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Breaststroke Drills for Technique and Performance

  • Head Up out of the water –One of the most important drills for breaststroke…pull your hands fast enough to keep your head out of the water. This drill is called “FAST HANDS”
  • Pull Only – Face in the water – this works your arm speed
  • 4 Pulls/2 strokes- Try to keep pull speed and stroke speed the same…This will work better if you drop the pull-out from the swim. Try to do repeats of 50’s or 100’s
  • 4 kicks/ 2 strokes – Keep kicks and stoke at the same speed
  • Long Glide – Helps you get flat within the stroke…be patient !
  • Long Glide & Pull Out – Use three to four strokes across the pool after the pull out
  • Heels to Hand Drill –Helps control the lift of your legs and keeps the hips up; try to kick with the balls of your feet.
  • none of these drills work unless you do them correctly & consistently…..Take the Challenge

About my Trip to Europe

these are photo’s that I shot in Tallinn, Estonia. It was one of the countries that I visited on my trip to Northern Europe. It was a very old city and I found it very interesting:

 EPV0166_edited-1 EPV0069_edited-1 EPV0211_edited-1

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