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As soon as the Chinese Swimmers win events everyone accuses them of taking performance enhancing drugs…….


Everybody is looking at Dara Torres and wondering how a 41 year old mother of a two year old can be able to compete at a world class level and not be on performance enhancing drugs…..In my opinion I think we should be looking at the Chinese swimmers. Take a look at the results of the 2007 World Championships and see how the Chinese did against the rest of the world……then look at how they are performing in these Olympics. They seem to be very fast, where did all of this speed come from in such a short time? Could it be as Richard Quick said in the 1994 Olympics a battle of “pharmaceutical warfare”…..Let’s see what progresses, food for thought !!!



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Daniela Victoria Wins Gold…..

Hold on a minute….what kind of gold are you thinking about?.I am not referring to a gold medal. Well, maybe not by your standards. I am talking about a gold medal not the kind you hang around your neck, but the kind that gives you a four year scholarship to a major university. This fall Daniela will be heading off to the University of Florida on scholarship for her athletic abilities. She will be a member of the world famous Florida Gator’s Varsity Swim Team. She will be training under Olympic Coach Greg Troy. Here is a photo of Daniela with Michael Phelps at the World Championships in 2007


 Daniela comes from a fantastic swimming background. Her granddad was the Olympic Coach for the Venezuelan National Team and her Mom and Dad both swam for the Venezuelan National Team. Her Sister Andrea was an outstanding Water Polo player for the National Team also. Her Dad and current coach is the head coach of Team Weston Aquatics in Weston Florida. Daniela’s accomplishments are outstanding. She was the Florida State High School 100 yard Breaststroke Champion in 2007 and was selected as an All-American H.S. Champion, She was captain of her High School Team at St.Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, and was the Southern Zone US Swimming 100 Meter Breaststroke Champion as well as the Florida Gold Coast Junior Olympic 100 Meter Breaststroke Champion.

I wish Daniela all the best in her pursuit of her goals at the University of Florida…….

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It all starts tomorrow for Swimming……….Here are 8 reasons for you to be watching

USA Swimming

June 30, 1985
Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD

Ann Arbor, MI

Ht: / Wt:
6’4″ / 195 lbs

2004, 2000

200m free, 100m fly, 200m fly, 200m IM, 400m IM, 4x100m free relay, 4x200m free relay, 4x100m medley relay

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Another Secret to Dara Torres Success


 Received this e-mail today from the Boulder Media Group it is not a commercial or advertisement. It seems like good information to me and a very interesting perspective on stretching here is the



41-year-old Olympic swimmer Dara Torres is the talk of the sports, fitness, health, and anti-aging world. We thought you might enjoy this interesting video that takes viewers back to the very moment the world first learned how Torres has been defying aging for the past 8 years. This is not a commercial or an ad. It’s a very revealing news story.


Growing Bolder Media Group

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Beijing Olympic Medal Unveiled on the Today Show


Victory medals of Beijing Olympic Games unveiled (photos attached)

Front side of the medal

Victory medals of Beijing Olympic Games unveiled (photos attached)

Obverse side of the medal

The medals are designed with inspiration from “bi”, China’s ancient jade piece inscribed with dragon pattern. The medals, made of gold and jade, symbolize nobility and virtue and are embodiment of traditional Chinese values of ethics and honor.

The medals are 70mm in diameter and 6mm in thickness. On their obverse side, the medals adopt the standard design prescribed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) — a drawing that represents the winged goddess of victory Nike and Panathinaikos Arena, while on their reverse side, the medals are inlaid with jade with the Beijing Games emblem engraved in the metal centerpiece.

Noble and elegant, the medals are a blending of traditional Chinese culture and the Olympism. It gives the winners of the Games great honor and acclamation as recognition of their achievement

The medal box, ribbon and certificate, which were released simultaneously, also embody aesthetic taste of traditional Chinese culture and reflect the distinct Chinese characteristics and style.

The medal box is made of a wooden lacquer box with traditional Chinese techniques. The box is rectangular in shape, with four slightly curving sides of its lid and base, a symbol of heaven and earth, which conveys the message of happiness and best wishes for the world. The ribbon is exquisitely designed with cloud pattern woven on the red strap, sending out joyful and festive atmosphere. The certificate is made of thin silk and rice paper, an integrated whole of traditional techniques and modern printing.

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Suggestive Reading for August

What Though the Odds

What Though the Odds

When Dick Rosenthal retired as athletic director in 1995 after a lifetime of service to the University of Notre Dame, he was asked about the most memorable moment during his tenure. Without hesitation, the chief of sports at America’s most storied university replied, “Haley Scott.”

When the Notre Dame women’s swim team suffered a fatal bus crash, the lives of those on the bus, their families, and the community were changed forever. Paralyzed after the accident, Haley Scott was told she would never walk again. That was unacceptable to her.

With the help of those who cared most about her – her family, her school and her teammates – she chose a different fate and promised not only to walk, but to swim again for the Fighting Irish.

Author: Haley Scott DeMaria with Bob Schaller


Four Champions One Gold Medal

Chuck Warner’s new book, Four Champions, One Gold Medal, Four Champions One Gold Medalis a monumental achievement! Descriptive, prescriptive and inspirational, it recounts–step-by-step–the road taken by four world-class athletes in quest of Olympic gold: Americans Tim Shaw, Brian Goodell and Bobby Hackett, and Australian Steve Holland.
All four were extraordinary athletes–incredibly hard-working, and totally focused on their common goal of winning the 1500 meters at the 1976 Olympic Games. All four were champions in every sense of the word. Yet only three made it to the blocks at the start of the 1500 in Montreal. And, of course, only one emerged as Olympic champion.
Warner tells the compelling story of each of these gifted athletes, who share a love of swimming and the goal of winning, yet come from strikingly different backgrounds–from their first stroke in a pool through the playing of the “Star-Spangled Banner” in Montreal. The 1500-meter race in ’76 was one of the greatest races in Olympic history, and Warner recounts the race in thrilling detail, stroke-by-stroke, lap-by-lap, getting inside each swimmer’s head.
For budding distance swimmers and their coaches–or for anyone who wants to learn how dedication to a goal can reap unbounded rewards–this book is an absolute must.
Author: Chuck Warner

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Coach Michael Lohberg Needs Our Help

AsMichael you probably know by now our  good friend  Michael Lohberg head coach of the Coral Springs swim Club is suffering from a rare disease call aplastic anemia a very rare disease that requires a long term treatment and probably a bone marrow transplant. I would like to help Michael and his family to help cover for these expenses as many other teams are doing.

This is how you can help:

Mail contributions to : Bank Atlantic, FBO Coach Michael Lohberg, 4695 N University Drive, Coral Springs, Fla 33067. Account 0066065580. for more information, call Dorie Vega at Bank Atlantic

954-344-2488 or Coral Spring swim club treasurer Nancy Cooke at 954-757-8321.

Thank you all for helping this cause.

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But They Did Not Give Up……..

Some time ago I wrote an article on never giving up. As we approach the 2008 Olympics in Beijing the emphases on winning gold will be on everyone’s mind. The question is are those who compete and do not medal in their events failures? And if they fail, do they give up and never try again…..In your case, maybe you did not qualify for the Junior Olympics or if you did; you did not place in the finals. So where does that leave you? Do you consider yourself a failure?Let me show you how to celebrate failure…..Here are a few very successful people who failed many times….But they did not give up!

Churchill_portrait_NYP_45063Winston Churchill, failed sixth grade, he was defeated in every election for public office until he became Prime Minister at the age of 62. His motto was “Never give up, Never give in, Never, Never, Never”………



“Only those who dare to fail greatly, can achieve greatly” – John F. Kennnedy


 Sigmund Freud – was booed from the podium when he first presented his ideas to the scientific community





“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail”….Confucius

Thomas_EdisonThomas Edison’s teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything”. He was fired from his first two jobs for being non-productive! As an inventor Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb.



“Ever tried ever failed, no matter. Try again and fail better” – Samuel Beckett

Michael_JordanMichael Jordan was cut from his High School team, and went one to be the best basketball player in the world!

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Coach Michael Lohberg Update

Find updates on coach Michael Lohberg 

Michael Lohberg, renowned Coral Springs coach and coach of Dara Torres, Leila Vaziri and many other outstanding swimmers, has been diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a disorder that causes the bone marrow to shut down – that is, the factory that makes blood cells simply stops making them. The disorder affects about two people per million per year, according to medical literature.


A page has been created on Facebook where information about his condition and anything pertinent will be posted on an ongoing basis.  If you already have a Facebook account, search for the “Coach Lohberg” group.  If you do not have one, you will need to create an account, then search for the group to join.  All you need is an email address.


A page has also been created on where information about his condition and anything pertinent will be posted on an ongoing basis.  If you already have a CarePages account, search for the “Coach Michael Lohberg”.  If you do not have one, you will need to create an account, then search for the group to join.  All you need is an email address.

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