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 I will be taking a break from blogging these next few weeks….Ginny and I will be taking a cruise through Northern Europe celebrating a belated 50th wedding anniversary. So keep on training hard getting ready for the High School Season,Only 85 days until the Florida Gold Coast Winter Championship – Plantation – November 20-23, 2008  remember what you have learned from watching the Olympics and put it  into practice…..See you all in a few weeks

Adios, Coach Pete

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Now that the Olympics are over where do we go from here

Olympic sign

This will be my last post on the 2008 Olympics, this comment will be my opinion only. If you wish to add to my comment please feel  free to do so.

For 17 days 204 countries competed together, played together, lived together, ate together, laughed together and cried together.. The Chinese people were great host and were so proud of there country as well as the other 203 countries. I wonder, how is it that every 4 years the world can take two weeks off from all of the ugliness of their countries politics and live in harmony.Why can’t the leaders of all of these countries take a lesson of Olympic sportsmanship from the athletes and put it to use in the ruling of their countries. It seems to me after watching these Olympics that the people of the world want to live in peace with each other, we need to live in peace with each other. It has been reported that China has spent more than 40 billion dollars on showing the world that they are promoting openness and harmony with the peoples of the world. Their effort was of epic proportions, however at the close of the Olympics, 8 Americans were deported for protesting for the Freedom  of Tibet. Also China has censored the Internet. As Boutros Boutros-Ghali said when he was head of the U.N.,the Olympics is a “school for democracy”……So can China play by the rules of the international community? 

That remains to be seen…….Now on to England

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