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Bob Costas makes a dumb statement

bob costas  Watching the coverage of the 2008 Olympics has been a shear joy for this coach. Seeing one of the greatest swimmers in the world  perform at a level of swimming that no one has ever achieved is mind boggling. It is hard to understand, it is incredible, it is fantastic, it is  so many things…but what it is not, is what Bob Costas described last night in his statement that Michael Phelps victories are “reaching the level of  being ridiculous” …This statement is the dumbest statement that I have ever heard Costas make. Being from Queens New York, I have always been a fan of Costas but after that dumb statement I will have to turn down the volume on my TV and just watch the athletes do their thing…Please let me know if you agree with me or not……..Coach Pete    

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