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As soon as the Chinese Swimmers win events everyone accuses them of taking performance enhancing drugs…….


Everybody is looking at Dara Torres and wondering how a 41 year old mother of a two year old can be able to compete at a world class level and not be on performance enhancing drugs…..In my opinion I think we should be looking at the Chinese swimmers. Take a look at the results of the 2007 World Championships and see how the Chinese did against the rest of the world……then look at how they are performing in these Olympics. They seem to be very fast, where did all of this speed come from in such a short time? Could it be as Richard Quick said in the 1994 Olympics a battle of “pharmaceutical warfare”…..Let’s see what progresses, food for thought !!!


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Daniela Victoria Wins Gold…..

Hold on a minute….what kind of gold are you thinking about?.I am not referring to a gold medal. Well, maybe not by your standards. I am talking about a gold medal not the kind you hang around your neck, but the kind that gives you a four year scholarship to a major university. This fall Daniela will be heading off to the University of Florida on scholarship for her athletic abilities. She will be a member of the world famous Florida Gator’s Varsity Swim Team. She will be training under Olympic Coach Greg Troy. Here is a photo of Daniela with Michael Phelps at the World Championships in 2007


 Daniela comes from a fantastic swimming background. Her granddad was the Olympic Coach for the Venezuelan National Team and her Mom and Dad both swam for the Venezuelan National Team. Her Sister Andrea was an outstanding Water Polo player for the National Team also. Her Dad and current coach is the head coach of Team Weston Aquatics in Weston Florida. Daniela’s accomplishments are outstanding. She was the Florida State High School 100 yard Breaststroke Champion in 2007 and was selected as an All-American H.S. Champion, She was captain of her High School Team at St.Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, and was the Southern Zone US Swimming 100 Meter Breaststroke Champion as well as the Florida Gold Coast Junior Olympic 100 Meter Breaststroke Champion.

I wish Daniela all the best in her pursuit of her goals at the University of Florida…….

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