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One World One Dream – Can China Play By The Rules of The Civilized World?


Meeting the challenge of preparing a city for the Olympic games is a monumental task. Getting buildings,stadiums, pools, and all that must be built to host such an event, but to reach for a dream there are also responsibilities. By rewarding China the bid to host this 2008 Olympiad, is the same horrible mistake that the International Olympic Committee made in 1938 when it awarded Hitler’s Berlin their Olympic Games. According to an article written in Time Magazine by Pico Lyer China has expelled 3 million of it’s capital’s residents and is spending $200 billion on reconstructing the city….this raises terrible questions about what costs are legitimate in the pursuit of social and sporting acknowledgment.The hope in every Olympiad is that the host city will learn that if it is eager to appear on the global screen, it must meet the minimal standard devised by the international community.“Olympism”, as Boutros Boutros-Ghali said when he was head of the U.N., is a “school for democracy”……So can China play by the rules of the international community? The Olympics will go on and athletic feats will be witnessed by the world, records will be broken and athletic heroism will endure…..I only hope that the People’s Republic of China, Tibet, Mongolians and millions of Han Chinese can endure and live in a free world filled with brotherhood and peace

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