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USA Trials …..

Now that the trials are over and the Olympic Team has been selected…What next? Well it’s back to work tuning up for the 2008 Olympics. When Bob Bowmann (Michael Phelps Coach) was asked what will Michael work on? He replied “We will do more work on his starts, turns and finishes”….With only weeks away from your Junior Olympics are you tuning up? Are you working on your starts, turns and finishes? ….Coaches from all over the country all talk about the importance of these three components of your race, over and over again. And how do you respond? Do you work on every turn during your workout, or do you not care too much? I have said it many times,”What you do in practice, you do in a meet” So why not practice correctly…Does that make sense to you? It does to me and it certainly makes sense to Michael Phelps. Did you see how disappointed he was with his 100 fly? Why, because he thought he could have had better turns and he did not like his finish . Did you hear Dara Torres say that, what she worked on between semifinals and finals was her start! If these great swimmers can turn up their starts ,turns and finishes, then why can’t you?….Guys,Gals it’s time to tune it up!!!!!!!!

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Dara Torres…..

Just in case you have been living under a rock, I want to inform you that Dara TorresDAra has won the 100 freestyle in 53.78 and is on her way to Beijing. Tonight Dara is seated first in the 50 free finals, due to her blistering swim in the semifinals last night. She set a new American record with a 24.38. Much of Dara’s success returning to the Olympic scene  can go to South Florida Coach Michael Lohberg,her coach at Coral Springs Swim Club. Michael is one of the most respected coaches in the business. I have had the pleasure to know Michael when I was coaching in Florida, and he is a class act! Michael and his wife run one of the finest swim programs in Florida at the Corral Springs Aquatic Center. Michael is a 6 time Olympic Coach, his passion for excellence in stroke technique is his biggest attribute, Michael’s swimmers have been medal winners at Olympics, World Championships in addition to many European Championships……I take my hat off to you Michael, great job! 


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