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Speedo LZR Racer Swim Suit

  • With the summer Olympics just a short time away, it seems that most of my readers are interested in this newest swimming topic, the LZR Swim Suit. Within the last seven days I have had over 100 of my readers inquire about the new Speedo LZR suit. I am sure that at the world class level of swimming the suit will cut time off of their swims, however no one is talking about the years of training, the sacrifices , and the long hours of work that goes into becoming a member of our Olympic team. The LZR suit has no part of this process, Michael Phelps and all of the other Olympians started their road to world records without LZR suits many years ago as  US Age Group Kids just like you guys. I hope that parents don’t fall into a trap thinking that if they purchase  one of these super suits for their little 10 and under’s, they will be the next Ron Lockie, or Michael Phelps. Better than buying a suit, here are a few things you can do and it will not cost you $400.00:
  • Get to practice every day
  • Get there on time
  • Work hard on every set,from warm up to warm down
  • Pay attention to your Coach
  • Improve your stroke Technique
  • Streamline every turn
  • Remember, it’s not the suit that makes the swimmer….It’s the swimmer that is in the suit that makes a swimmer!

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