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Working on Your Start

TWA4 100


    With the JO”S around the corner I hope you have been working on your starts. I know that most of the time you get up on the start blocks at the end of a workout and you are sprinting 25’s or 50’s…Don’t be nonchalant about those starts. Make each and every start the big race start you will use at the meet. Be focused on Coaches command to start, be explosive, be powerful, be quick to respond. When entering the water, enter as clean and slick as you can…hold that tight streamline and don’t lose the forward momentum that you got from the dive into your breakout! Starts and turns are to be practiced over and over again. Winning is measured in inches, the more you practice your techniques the more you turn those inches into feet and feet into yards. Be smart don’t waist your time by dogging it during sprint time. 

Only 36 days until the Speedo Champions Series – Southern Zone – South Sectional Championship – Fort Lauderdale – July 17-20, 2008
Only 43 days until the FGC Long Course Junior Olympic Championship – Plantation – July 24-27, 2008

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Many have asked "Why did I move all the way to Colorado and leave Sunny South Florida"?





This is the answer. Here I am on a morning hike with my camera ready for that next great picture. This is Sprague Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park. This location is just about 30 miles from my house. Where in South Florida can you do this? Every day is is so exciting….It is all that I thought retirement would be. By the way, today’s humidity was a whooping 25%..Have a good day, Coach Pete

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