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Coach Pete’s tip on Flip Turns

The Arm-Less Flip-Turn: Virtually all young swimmers use their hands to help them somersault or flip through a turn, but the hands can actually get in the way and hurt a flip-turn more than help it. To execute a great flip-turn you need to rely more on your core and momentum.
Here’s How:
Swim into the wall with eyes facing down, use the “T” to judge distance from wall
Pull second last stroking arm to side of body
Pull last stroking arm to side of body
Both arms should now be straight with fingertips pointing directly to the other end of the pool

Somersault through arms by tucking chin to chest, thighs to tummy, and heels to butt

As body somersaults towards wall, connect hands to create streamlined arms

When feet land on wall, knees should be bent approximately 90 degrees with toes facing upward
Blast off wall on back rotating to side, to split water, then onto stomach

Kick off wall using rapid-fire body-dolphin kicks, transition to fast freestyle kick, add break-out arm to rise to surface

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