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Masters Workout for 1650



Are your workouts becoming boring? Is training for the 1650 boring? Here is a little workout that I used when I was coaching Masters at Team Weston.

There is also a few drills in this workout give it a try!



Drill Reverse IM

(free, br., bk., fly)


6 X 50

With fins on your side

rotating left/right

Swim Ladder
11 lengths, 10, 9,
down to 1 (10 between)
Drill Loosen up

6 of each stroke



Some possible drills:
. Kick, no board, arms at body’s side. Think: kick head down, kick head up. Don’t rush the kick. It begins at the chest and unfurls quite slowly with a snap of the ankles, like cracking a whip. If your timing is good on the whole stroke, this will be very easy. If it’s difficult to do, probably your timing is off. Within a fraction of a second, the sequence of entry is head, hands, feet. The second kick is half way through the stroke.
Back. Swim with exaggerated roll and glide on your side, one arm outstretched and one at your side for about 6 to 9 kicks.
Breast. Kick twice, pull once for a length; then kick once and pull twice. Swim using fly kick.Free. One-arm, catch-up (hand touches outstretched hand before you pull), ripple (drag your fingers in the water, directly below your elbow, during recovery), hesitation (leave your hand out of the water behind you for a second before beginning recovery.

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