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101 Winning Ways – Great little book written by Olympic Coach Nick Baker

Nick Baker

I highly recommend this book for swimmers of all ages…It is a book that quotes ways of winning that stick in your head!….Coach Pete 

Attitudes for Swimming and For Life

101 Winning Ways Book

This book is dedicated to swimmers of all ages and abilities who commit countless hours in pursuit of their swimming dreams.


Swimming is a very competitive sport. To be competitive, you need the right winning attitudes or winning ways. Winning attitudes act like an automatic pilot, guiding you to victory.

The pages in this book identify 101 winning attitudes, attitudes all great swimmers possess – including Michael Phelps. 101 Winning Ways presents these winning attitudes in an easy-to-read, easy-to understand format. The creative cartoons and simple text make learning fun and easy.

While physical fitness and technical know-how are key ingredients to swimming success – nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace the winning attitudes found in this book.


Nick Baker, former Olympic Coach and founder of Peak Performance Swim Camp, shares his recipe for winning in his new book 101 Winning Ways. Coach Baker believes that given the right attitudes any swimmer can be a winner. 101 Winning Ways delivers these attitudes one inspiring page at a time.

Here’s an Idea

Keep a copy of 101 Winning Ways by your bedside and read a page a night, just before you go off to sleep. Consider the meaning behind the words and imagine yourself with that winning way. How would it change your swimming? How would it change your life?

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