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"Coach, I hate to kick"

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Michael Phelps & Daniela Victoria                         Amy Van Dyken

Do you think these champions said this to their coach? I’ll bet they did, however I’ll bet they also said no matter how much I hate kicking, this is what I need to do if I ever want to be a champion! So kick they did, so you too must learn that kicking is  important to your training. I have found though, that when we kicking with flat shoulders, this flat position causes your legs to drag. It causes you to have poor body position.Kicking flat causes the kick to be inefficient. I would like to see you kicking on your side, you can start kicking on your side by using fins, this will help you get comfortable with being on your side. Try switching from one side to the other and as you switch take one arm pull. When you feel that you can handle the switch from side to side and you are holding good body position with one arm stretched out leading towards the other end of the pool and one arm at your side placed on your hip with your head resting on your shoulder of the stretched arm. Then when you switch take three arm pulls. From there you are ready to start swimming a normal stroke. Keep your body rotating side to side, keep your kick strong and steady. You can refer to the kick,kick,kick article I wrote in the stroke technique category of my blog  


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World Maccbiah Games Looking for Participants


PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, April 21. MACCABI USA/Sports for Israel, based in Philadelphia, PA, is seeking Jewish Swimmers to represent the United States at the 18th World Maccbiah Games in Israel, July 13 – 23, 2009. There will be over 9,000 Jewish athletes from over 60 countries participating in the Games. Juniors and Open Athletes will be departing around July 2, 2009 for a mandatory Team USA Pre-Camp.
The USA Team will be bringing Swimmers in the following age divisions:
Open: – All Ages
Juniors: – Male Athletes born between 1993 – 1995, Female Athletes born between 1993 – 1996
Masters: – Athletes 35+
To see a complete listing of sports and levels, visit our website at
The selection criteria for Swimming is as follows:
1) There are NO qualifying times. Everyone interested in competing in the Games must fill out an application to be considered. The team will be selected from all applications – based upon best times.
2) ALL Swimming applications are required to be submitted NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 31, 2008. The Swim Teams will be announced by February 1, 2009.
The Swimming competition will take place at The Wingate Institute and will compete in a Long Course Meters format. This competition is sanctioned by FINA and recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
The Games are about more than sport, they are an opportunity to connect Jews from around the world with their culture, heritage and the State of Israel. There is a cultural program that takes place prior to the start date of the Games, where the athletes have the opportunity to tour historical and religious sites and take part in unique cultural experiences, all while bonding with each other.
“The Games provide an opportunity to use sports and Israel as a way to connect kids with their culture and with each other,” said Ron Carner, General Chairman, USA Maccabiah Team. “This is a life-changing experience for all who participate in what will be the world’s third largest international sporting event, combined with a unique cultural experience.”
Applicants can apply today to show commitment to Israel and Jews everywhere while competing with and against the best Jewish athletes in the world. To apply online and learn more, visit

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