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Checking the statistics of what is read on my BLOG is what makes me keep on writing. I thank all of you who have had a good experience reading what I write. One of the most read post was the article on “Choosing a Swim Camp for my child”. I think that Sending a child to swim camp is a big decision – one that should involve open communication between you ,your child and your coach. As a parent, you need certainly to look at the financial and logistical aspects, but also elicit from your child what he or she hopes to gain while at camp. Discuss their goals with your coach and see if he/she agrees with their goals. Does your coach think that reaching those goals at a swim camp are realistic or not. What I am trying to say is not waist your money and time on something that is not possible. There is an old cliche “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

If your child is just looking for a change of scenery or needs more socializing with different swimmers….That may be a different story. If your child is in need of better stroke technique training than they are getting at home, then by all means find a good camp to fit those needs.

Again my recommendation of one of the best swim camps out there is Nick Bakers Peak Performance Swim Camp. You can find his link on my BLOG on the home page on the right hand side column.

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