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Good way to look at how you approach your goals

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This chart was on the Plantation Swim Team Web-Site and I thought we could all benefit from it

Ladder of Achievement

100% = I Did
90%   =  I Will
80%   =  I Can
70%   =   I Think I Can
60%   =I Might
50%   = I Think I Might
40 %  = What is It?
30%   = I Wish I Could
20%   = I Don’t Know How
10%   = I Can’t
0%     = I Won’t

This is called the Ladder of Achievement. It shows how your attitude towards a goal or task can impact your ability to achieve it.

The ladder of achievement suggests that an attitude of “I can’t” has almost no chance of success whilst “I won’t” is no chance at all.

Change “I can’t” and “I won’t” to


April 12, 2008 - Posted by | Age Group

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