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Prostate Cancer Hasn’t Slowed Down Burwell “Bumpy” Jones — April 7, 2008

By Emily Sampl
BOULDER, Colorado, April 7. THERE aren’t many things that can keep 75-year-old Burwell “Bumpy” Jones away from the pool, including radiation treatment for prostate cancer.
Jones, who was diagnosed a few months ago, continued to train throughout treatment, logging around 4,000 yards daily despite occasional weakness and fatigue. “I worked out every day. I just cut back when I felt more tired. I talked with my physicians about working out and they thought it’d probably be okay,” he said.
Now that he’s finished radiation treatments, Burwell is on the road to full recovery. He still notices some lingering effects, but things are looking up.
“It’s been going okay,” Jones said in reference to his recovery. “I just finished radiation two months ago, but I still feel a little weak and fatigued sometimes. If anything, swimming made my recovery faster.”
Jones doesn’t seem to have lost too much strength or endurance through the illness. At the 38th Annual Short Course Championships in St. Petersburg, Florida, held March 28-30, he broke five USMS records in the 75-79 age group. His new records came in the 500 free (6:25.47), 1,000 free (13:25.53), 1,650 free (22:13.03), 100 back (1:13.99) and 200 IM (2:48.07). Always wary of the competition, Jones doesn’t expect them to last long.
“They likely won’t be long standing. There are a lot of good swimmers out there. But we’ll see,” he stated.
Unfortunately, because of his diagnosis, Burwell was forced to cancel his trip to Australia for the FINA Masters World Championships, scheduled to begin April 17. YMCA Masters Nationals in Fort Lauderdale (May 15-18) are highlighted on his calendar, however, and he’ll have a chance to lower his records even further there.


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