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Coach Pete’s Opinion on Boycotting the Beijing Olympics


For the past few days I have posted different views and opinions on should we boycott the Beijing Summer Olympics from different areas of the world. It is now time to post my opinion of this complex problem. To begin with my opinion, lets look at a few facts. The Chinese has imprisoned 27 journalists and more than 60 Internet users, making China the “largest prison for journalists in the world” according to Paris -based Reporters Without Borders. What is it that they do not  want reporters to report on? Is it their behavior on human rights, trade, nuclear proliferation, aid to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, support of genocidal regimes in Sudan and vicious dictatorships in Burma, North Korea and now Tibet? With all of these horrible atrocities on record, how then did the IOC ever award the 2008 Olympics to China in the first place? That decision was a mistake and the events of the last month in Tibet show exactly why. So should we now foster this horrible mistake by sending our athletics to this Olympic Tragedy. I feel that the USOC has buried their heads in the sand and as they did in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. In 1936 nobody used the limelight of the games to make an issue of Germany’s deepening persecutions of Jews,and its occupation of Rhineland. The European countries and the United States, failed to use the 1936 Games as a pulpit from which to shame Germany’s leaders; instead they actually downplayed German violence, treats, and excesses. Today history repeats itself, however we have an opportunity to do something about. I am a strong advocate of a world boycott on the 2008 Games. Let Coca Cola and the rest of the greedy cooperation’s of the world EAT IT!

Now that you have my opinion, do you coaches form ASCA and US Swimming have the cojones to post your opinion on my blog……BRING IT!


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