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Boycott Opinion from Australia

Ross, says 

Unfortunately an event like the Olympics cannot be dissociated from politics. To do so is disingenuous and smacks of the same selfishness of the Australian cricketers rebel tour of South Africa in the 80s. Yes, the sportsmen work hard, but let’s not forget they’re on a taxpayer funded ride at the AIS where they pay no HECS. People doing medicine work just as hard and contribute far more than running and jumping and swimming.
To call a boycott ‘wrong’ amounts to moral cowardice. Fortunately China does care about its international reputation and so the athletes are in a unique position to draw attention to the illegal, violent invasion of Tibet AND the astounding level of humans rights violations in China itself. I guess in these days where nobody takes responsibility for the things they do, it seems a strange idea for people to take responsibility for things they should do. In fact it makes these athletes the worst kind of cowards: those who are in the position to do something but choose not to for personal gain. This burying your head in the sand, not-my-problem attitude shows the moral turpitude of the modern sports person. I am embarrassed and ashamed to be represented by people of this ilk.
If you truly believe sports boycotting is wrong, perhaps you should read about the Wallabies’ boycott of the South African rugby tour in 1971. Those players had more moral fibre in their little fingers than this entire Australian Olympic team.

April 7, 2008 - Posted by | Coaches, Masters Swimming, Parents, Triathlons

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