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  • Comment by Ben Howe

    Posted on June 6th, 2007 at 11:03

    The Olympics Charter states very clear that that the Olympics is for the promotion of peace and human fairness. The decision to allow China, as a dictatorial communist state with a bad human right and invasion record, was conditional on its being able to improve upon it human right situation and to become a peacemaker in the region.

    1. China has never improved upon its human right record. In fact, Reporters Without Borders has recently accused China for increased suppression of freedom of speech and freedom of religion in China, especially in the invaded areas of Tibet and East Turkistan.

    2. Forced eviction with little compensation for the Olympics has been a known fact. While some big corporation are thirsty to milk the Olympics cash cow, we, normal consumers, not only have no interest in following suit, but are disgusted by the inhumane forced eviction of over 1.5 million poor dwellers in Beijing, who have resided at the Olympics site for generations.

    3. China, as an evil communist state, has been a major threat to the world. With its recently earned wealth, through exploiting Chinese workers, Chinese communists have been expanding their military and even nuclear force. The success of Beijing Olympics serves as a major propaganda for the Chinese communists to promote nationalism which in turn expands their imperialism and imposes a major threat to the region.

    I am not an advocate for boycotting the Olympics at the atheletes’ level, but an advocate for boycotting the Olympics at the consumers’ level. As a normal compassion consumer, I don’t want the money I spent on Olympics souvenirs or cheap Chinese products to be involved in the genocide in Darfur or Burma. I don’t want my money to be used for internationally unacceptable weapon trades that result in the killing of innocent civilians around the world.

    To see how, as a conscientious consumer, one can boycott the genocide game, please visit:

    and youtube discussion group

    Together we can make history

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