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And yet another opinion

  • Comment by Ben Howe

    Posted on June 6th, 2007 at 11:03

    The Olympics Charter states very clear that that the Olympics is for the promotion of peace and human fairness. The decision to allow China, as a dictatorial communist state with a bad human right and invasion record, was conditional on its being able to improve upon it human right situation and to become a peacemaker in the region.

    1. China has never improved upon its human right record. In fact, Reporters Without Borders has recently accused China for increased suppression of freedom of speech and freedom of religion in China, especially in the invaded areas of Tibet and East Turkistan.

    2. Forced eviction with little compensation for the Olympics has been a known fact. While some big corporation are thirsty to milk the Olympics cash cow, we, normal consumers, not only have no interest in following suit, but are disgusted by the inhumane forced eviction of over 1.5 million poor dwellers in Beijing, who have resided at the Olympics site for generations.

    3. China, as an evil communist state, has been a major threat to the world. With its recently earned wealth, through exploiting Chinese workers, Chinese communists have been expanding their military and even nuclear force. The success of Beijing Olympics serves as a major propaganda for the Chinese communists to promote nationalism which in turn expands their imperialism and imposes a major threat to the region.

    I am not an advocate for boycotting the Olympics at the atheletes’ level, but an advocate for boycotting the Olympics at the consumers’ level. As a normal compassion consumer, I don’t want the money I spent on Olympics souvenirs or cheap Chinese products to be involved in the genocide in Darfur or Burma. I don’t want my money to be used for internationally unacceptable weapon trades that result in the killing of innocent civilians around the world.

    To see how, as a conscientious consumer, one can boycott the genocide game, please visit:

    and youtube discussion group

    Together we can make history

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    Another Opinion from Australia

    Games boycott no answer: Hackett

    Grant Hackett ... wouldn't want to see a boycott.

    Grant Hackett … wouldn’t want to see a boycott.
    Photo: Getty Images

    March 21, 2008 – 2:45PM

    Australian swim team captain Grant Hackett says boycotting the Olympics has never been the correct solution as the pressure on China mounts following its response to unrest in Tibet.

    His comments come a day after five-time Olympic gold medallist Ian Thorpe said he did not believe athletes should boycott the Beijing Games.

    China’s human rights record has again come under scrutiny, with its crackdown on protesters in the Himalayan region leading to calls ranging from snubbing the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics to a full boycott of the Beijing Games.

    However, Hackett said he believed boycotting the Olympics was never an appropriate response and the decision for countries to skip the 1980 Moscow and 1984 Los Angeles Games on political grounds had been counterproductive.

    “I don’t think that is the answer to the problems, to be totally honest,” he said before the Olympic swimming trials starting tomorrow in Sydney.

    “I would not like to see people do that.

    “I don’t think that was the answer back in the ’80s and I don’t think it is a sustainable resolution to the problem.

    “So, in saying that this team will not boycott, certainly that has been said by (Australian Olympic Committee president) John Coates, it has been said by (Australia swim head coach) Alan Thompson.

    “I guess what issues escalate over there in the next few months, well hopefully that does not happen … and we can be focused on the positive things that are happening in China with the Olympics coming there and the great performance of athletes.

    “And hopefully that issue (Tibet) does die down a little bit.”

    The AOC has vowed Australia will not boycott the Games despite a renewed focus on China’s human rights record and a call to do so from some athletes and Tibetan groups.

    Thorpe yesterday agreed with the AOC’s call.

    “The Games is a peacetime event, it’s a peaceful event,” he said while in Canberra for an indigenous health summit.

    China has denied using deadly force to quell the unrest, saying the only deaths so far were 13 “innocent civilians” killed by rioters in Lhasa on Friday while 325 people were injured.

    But the exiled Tibetan government believes the death toll is more like 30, and possibly as high as 100.

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    Boycott Opinion from Australia

    Ross, says 

    Unfortunately an event like the Olympics cannot be dissociated from politics. To do so is disingenuous and smacks of the same selfishness of the Australian cricketers rebel tour of South Africa in the 80s. Yes, the sportsmen work hard, but let’s not forget they’re on a taxpayer funded ride at the AIS where they pay no HECS. People doing medicine work just as hard and contribute far more than running and jumping and swimming.
    To call a boycott ‘wrong’ amounts to moral cowardice. Fortunately China does care about its international reputation and so the athletes are in a unique position to draw attention to the illegal, violent invasion of Tibet AND the astounding level of humans rights violations in China itself. I guess in these days where nobody takes responsibility for the things they do, it seems a strange idea for people to take responsibility for things they should do. In fact it makes these athletes the worst kind of cowards: those who are in the position to do something but choose not to for personal gain. This burying your head in the sand, not-my-problem attitude shows the moral turpitude of the modern sports person. I am embarrassed and ashamed to be represented by people of this ilk.
    If you truly believe sports boycotting is wrong, perhaps you should read about the Wallabies’ boycott of the South African rugby tour in 1971. Those players had more moral fibre in their little fingers than this entire Australian Olympic team.

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