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Oh My Gosh!…My Goggles Fell Off.


Ok, so what do you do?..You suck it up, put your head back in the water and race!. Goggles falling off is a common occurrence that young swimmers encounter.

There are a few things that can prevent this from happening. When you place your goggles on your head make sure that the elastic strap sits on the crown of your head and not beneath it. Pull up on the straps near your ears as tight as your can. Have the goggles fit into your eye sockets tightly, with a little pressure by pushing them in. All of this should be done before getting up on the block, not when your on the block.

If your goggles come off, don’t panic…..

Another thing that you might want to do is at practice take off your goggles for one set and get the feel of water in your eyes at race pace.

Always take an extra pair of goggles to the meet, just in case something happens to them…..  

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Great Job at the District ll Championships

Congratulations to Team Weston and to Age Group Coach Raphael….Getting 29 cuts for the upcoming Junior Olympics.

How about that Peanut Power Tradition in the girls 10 and under 200 free relay, way to go ladies!


Jessica Modrak and Kylie Herman Part of the Peanut Power Relay


How about Nick Alemann in the 200 and 500 free! So much for being persistent!

I am so proud of you all… lets get busy for the JO’S

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