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Snorkel Drills

Snorkels are used to improve body balance and stroke efficiency, they are also used to improve lung capacity in regular training sets. The following are some favorite snorkel sets by former national team member Emily Mason while she trained with the University of Arizona

Favorite Set

8 X 50 on 1:00 with snorkel ( long course)

4 X 100 on 2:00 negative split with snorkel

2 X 200 on 4:00 #2 faster than #1 with paddles and Pull buoy

1 X 400 for time with snorkel

8 X 200 on 4:30 (by 50’s) 50 kick streamline no board/50 swim

Descend 1-4 two times


Bow and Arrow Drill

Use your snorkel for this drill – Beginners use should use fins. This drill was designed by University of Arizona Coach Rick DeMount. It is similar to catch-up, but more technical. One arm remains out front, sculling the water until you feel you have a good catch or hold of the water. Your other arm remains above your head , elbow high with your fingertips ready to slice or enter the water. Once your sculling hand begins the power part of the stroke, your slicing hand enters the water and begins the sculling phase. When your slicing hand enters the water make sure that you reach out and not down and remember to roll your body.

Equipment to use

The Freestyle Snorkel is the latest evolution to the original Swimmer’s Snorkel and is the first snorkel designed specifically for freestyle swimmers. The advanced shape of the snorkel fits closer to the face and does not rotate at the mouthpiece for a more streamlined fit with less resistance and increased stability. The new design allows the swimmer to achieve a lower head position during freestyle and therefore further optimize body position. You’ll feel it immediately and without the adverse effects of turbulence – even at top training speeds
Additional benefits include:
•New design uses centrifugal force generated during flip turns to greatly restrict water from entering the tube
•Ability to maintain a natural, rhythmic breathing pattern due to easy achievement of proper body position
•Optimum functionality and comfort from surgical-grade silicone tubing
•Elimination of purge valve results in an increased lung capacity to clear water from tube
•Increased CO2 tolerance and VO2 max from regular use
•Fully compatible with cardio cap (additional accessory) for stimulated altitude training

Finis Freestyler Snorkel

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