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Stroke efficiency

The fewer strokes you take, the more efficient you are and the less energy you expend. The trick is to master what it takes to do fewer strokes per lap while still maintaining your speed. I have found that swimmers lose interest in their swimming or fail to improve because they just swim – doing the same thing day after day. They workout hard, but they are just spinning their wheels. Swimming is a constant challenge, if you pick out something particular to work on you can enhance your chances of improvement. This type of approach to workouts also allows your mind to be open to the challenge. It’s a form of meditation when you concentrate on just one part of your stroke.

Here are a few things you might want to concentrate on while swimming freestyle

  • Keep pressure on the water



  • Hip shoulder rotation


  • Head Position one goggle in one goggle out of the water and high elbow recovery


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TWA Swimmer Playing Water Polo at Colorado State University


Andrea Victoria playing water polo for Colorado State University

Last Night I had the privilege of watching one of our own Team Weston Swimmers play water polo at the EPIC Center Pool in Fort Collins Colorado. What impressed me so much was to watch a young lady who was a stand out player for St.Thomas High School take a different role as a player on a mature team of veteran players. Andrea was a shooting star at St. Thomas, and now she is playing defense for her college team. This shows me that Andrea has accepted her role to be a TEAM player. It shows me that her level of maturity is at a high level, she plays with little complaining and gives her all throughout the entire game. Her coach has been giving her a good amount of playing time considering that she is a freshman.

What really impressed me was to watch her Mom and Grandmother who traveled over 2100 miles  cheer for her in the teams first home game. As I wrote about earlier parents are wonderful supportive people.


Mom getting into the game………

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