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Keep them Motivated

How many times have you come to the pool and found that the only person motivated and ready to work was you? Your swimmers were in some sort of funk and not with today, just not ready to give their all. Maybe you have been pushing too hard, maybe they need some sort of diversion, some sort of activity other than swimming that can bring them together as one family so to speak.

I have found this to be very helpful and productive. Below is a photo of Team Weston with their fearless leader on a Family bike ride after a Saturday morning practice. We stopped had some bagels and made our return trip back to the pool. On Monday afternoon practice they were up and ready to….Give it a try, it might work well for you, be inventive find some activity that will encourage your swimmers to be a TEAM…Team Weston and bike ride

Lighten up on them and have some fun!……It Works

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