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Breaststroke Pullout with Dolphin Kick


Push off at your normal depth for Breaststroke Pull Out and hold on to a tight streamline position


Turn our palms out to begin the out-sweep


As your hands separate and prepare for a powerful pull, allow the legs to float up just a bit


As you continue your out-sweep, you continue to let your legs rise to prepare for a heavy downward movement. The higher you raise your legs, the more range of motion and power you have for the downward kick.


Your hands hook in at the point that will give you maximum leverage for a strong, quick, and powerful pull. Anchor your hands against the water to help you slam your legs down in a fly motion.


As you begin to press back, you bend your knees slightly to add even more power to your downward kick.


As your press back continues, you snap your legs downward in a powerful kick.


As the hands press past the hips, the downward kick is complete, time your fly movement so that the hands and feet finish at the same time. Anchor your hands and use the leverage generated by your hands and arms to help snap the feet together at the finish


Here is where many swimmers will get themselves in trouble with the new rule. The rule states that you get a single downward dolphin kick. an upward dolphin kick is not permitted.

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