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How to Swim Successfully at the Big Meet – Part V


B0000879  Control the Controllable’s

   Swimmers should know where  the   marshalling area is, where they can get to the warm up area and find a good spot to stretch out. They should locate an area for a little “Quite time” before the race. They need to know where the bathrooms and locker rooms are – they need to know the environment that they will be competing in.

Solution: Arrive early enough to prior to race day and do some reconnaissance.

Sleeping/eating/recovery/ – manage yourself: The responsibility for a top performance is yours, not coach or mom or dad. Enjoy the experience.Confidence at and enjoyment of the Big Meet environment comes from knowing you had a total and through preparation – So I will not wish you luck at the Big Meet, because I consider luck as being prepared to take advantage of an opportunity!

Go to the Big Meet Knowing:

  • Knowing you have prepared to the best of your ability
  • Knowing the competition environment and challenge it
  • Knowing yourself
  • Knowing your opposition
  • Knowing the event
  • Knowing you can overcome any obstacles or difficulties presented to you


Excuses do not win races. Looking back at a lost championship meet and complaining that “if only I had a better warm up” or “if only I had better food to eat the night before” or if only I would have had more rest” do not bring back lost opportunities.Get it right the first time by preparing to meet the actual challenges of the competition environment

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