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Favorite Workout for Masters


Jennifer Magnusssen, one of South Florida’s top female tri-athletics trained with Team Weston and was one of my most dedicated Masters swimmers. Jen has great technique and an outstanding ability to focus on the event she is swimming. One of her favorite workouts is only about 3200 yards, however she keeps up the intensity by challenging every interval. Below you will find the workout. Give it a try and let me know how you liked it.

8 x 100 (75 free / 25 drill choice)
on the 1:50 (or 10 sec. rest)

Kick Set
4 x 75 Kick – mix it up by 75
on 10 sec rest

8 x 50
odd free – even stroke
on the :55 (or 15 sec rest)

Pull Set
3 x 200 Pull (breathe 3/5 or 3/7 by 50)
15 sec rest after each 200

Main Set
4 x 50 fast – choice
4 x 50 fast – free
middle 25 fast – SHOOT THE TURN!!
choice on 1 min
free on :50 or 1 min

10 X 25 odd: kick – no board fast
even: swim fast
on 10 sec rest – good tech.

3 x 100 (50 back / 50 free) EZ
work on good rotation
on 20 sec rest

Extra set (do before cool down)

4 x 75 (25 under H2O kick / 50 swim)
-add 300 yds to total
on the 1:20 work on good streamline during the kick

Total Yards 3250


January 9, 2008 - Posted by | Masters Swimming, Triathlons

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