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How to Swim Successfully at the Big Meet Part III

  •  Sorry I have not been writing, I have been out of town for a week. But now that I am back lets continue on how to swim successfully at the big meet, ok?
  • Tactics play a crucial role in swimming successfully at the big meet, that is why we must prepare tactically. 
  • Do you have a race plan?
  • Are you able to stick to this plan, regardless of what everyone else is doing?
  • Have you learned to change speed when needed?
  • Are you ready to change breathing patterns in free and fly to meet the situation?

Being prepared tactically means having the skills and ability to deal with any situation that you are placed in. So where do we learn these skills? We learn them in small, minor meets leading up to the big meet, we learn them in training workouts. We practice and experiment with a range of different situations.

For example: Training for the 100 fly at JO’S

  • At smaller, minor meets try: Pacing – even
  • Breathing pattern – Alternate breathing every other stroke with every two strokes
  • Underwater technique and break out – 10 yards underwater at high speed tight streamline, then no breathing on the first three strokes
  • Finish tactic – No breathing on the last four strokes
  • Low stroke count

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