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How the Iron Man Trained

Masters 002 Matt Juall won the lottery to compete in the Hawaiian Iron Man Triathlon, after the initial shock of winning this chance to compete in the most grueling of all triathlons Matt made a decision to train as hard as he can for the next nine months. Matt was ok on the bike, pretty good on the run, but suffered on the swim. We found out after his swim that Matt did not have a proper air exchange. Upon his return from Hawaii, he contacted Coach Pete and set up some private lessons.

What I did with Matt was to get him to have the proper air exchange by teaching him to by-lateral breathe and change his body position from swimming flat to getting on his side using the hip -tip method. I also lengthened his stroke which enabled him to get a better catch of the water. Today Matt is a dedicated Masters Swimmer, who works out three times a week swimming an average of 4,000 yards a workout. Here is Matt crossing the finish line in Kona, Hawaii


December 21, 2007 - Posted by | Triathlons

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  1. wesley and i crossed the finish line with him, we ran the last mile with him also. Thank you coach pete for coaching all 3 of us. we all really enjoyed it. wesley and i will try our hardest to make a JO cut and continue to swim throughout our lives.
    Elsa Juall
    Team Weston Aquatics

    Comment by Elsa Juall | January 4, 2008 | Reply

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