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The development of the will to overcome fatigue

The will to overcome fatigue is an important factor in your success. Swimmers who use the method of how far and how fast they wish to swim learn to tolerate fatigue under the pressure of physical stress.

Doctor James Councilman ( former coach of the University of Indiana and coach of Olympic Champion Mark Spitz) recognized the need to motivate swimmers to withstand fatigue. Therefore he created his “hurt-pain-agony” scale to assist the feeling of fatigue at different levels of work intensity – or as he would say it “different levels of suffering”

Councilman showed differences in effort by hard workers and comfort swimmers-during practice. Comfort swimmers rarely ventured out of the comfort zone and into the pain zone. Dedicated swimmers, hard workers most always swam straight through the hurt zone and into the pain zone and finally into the agony zone.

Success is not cheap; you must be committed to work out of the comfort zone and into the agony zone. You have to examine yourself and say “will I be a better swimmer tomorrow because of what I did today.

Challenge yourself to make a commitment to train like the best swimmers in the world, you will make a difference…live and train by making excellence a habit!

December 18, 2007 - Posted by | Workouts

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